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And While we are on the Subject: Sketchy, old(er), Arab Men

I have talked about a strange dynamic between me and Arab men. Some think I should be honored to be with an Arab man since my inferior African genes can get an upgrade a la mixed children. 842 more words

Personal Reflections

On Second Thought.... Eff That...

I realize that as woman, or maybe a person I am continually trying to make peace. It’s this proclivity to let bygones be bygones that mired me in unnecessary stress. 407 more words

Personal Reflections

It's Not About Actions Speaking Louder than Words...

In case you haven’t read from the snark in my previous posts, I am going through a rough spot for a number of reasons, none of which do I get into on this blog…. 1,024 more words

Personal Reflections

On Feeling Validated

It was refreshing a few days ago to have a few different conversations with single women I know about life and love and standards of beauty. 1,055 more words


On Loving Yourself First

So I have been thinking.

I turned 31 earlier this week and the days leading up to it, since last week and have been rough.  I started taking stock of my life, what I have done so far and what I haven’t. 721 more words

Personal Reflections