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It's Not About Actions Speaking Louder than Words...

In case you haven’t read from the snark in my previous posts, I am going through a rough spot for a number of reasons, none of which do I get into on this blog…. 1,024 more words

Personal Reflections

On Feeling Validated

It was refreshing a few days ago to have a few different conversations with single women I know about life and love and standards of beauty. 1,055 more words


On Loving Yourself First

So I have been thinking.

I turned 31 earlier this week and the days leading up to it, since last week and have been rough.  I started taking stock of my life, what I have done so far and what I haven’t. 721 more words

Personal Reflections

What 29 year old me has to say to teenage me...

Yesterday, I was talking on the computer (cuz you know how international calling goes these days, right?… haha) and doing mindless facebook clicking: One friend’s profile led to another friend’s profile which led to the profile of someone I am not longer in contact with on FB or otherwise. 946 more words

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He's an Iphone and I'm a Blackberry....

I went to a fun event a in the recent past, and indeed I had a blast. It was a group of people with music tastes similar to mine (yes!).   860 more words

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On My Pride and Prejudices....

When I was in high school, I was going to read the Cliffnotes version of a Jane Austen novel. I was all set to write an essay via summaries, until I read the opening line: 604 more words

Personal Reflections

On Being Worth it

The past few days have been a good day for me thinking about my favorite subject: Me!

As I outlined in my last post, a certain Romeo from the past reached out to me, in a very lame way.  356 more words

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