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Chapter 1: Me

Men need to be stopped.

I feel comfortable saying that at this point in my development as a male feminist, though not long ago I would have likely derailed any such conversation into a tiptoeing “not all men” plea, or even more shameful, some statement on the relativity of struggles in people’s lives. 1,189 more words


Why Feminism Is Important For Men In India

The title of this essay is very important. For it conveys a message very few people in India (apart from “card-carrying” feminists) acknowledge – the need for men to be feminist in this country. 986 more words


Is Feminism still needed? (Male Edition)

With 2016 drawing to a close, the question which needs to be asked is whether or not feminism is still needed in the future. Conducting a survey at The University of Greenwich, four male students from a variety of backgrounds were asked to share their thoughts on the topic of feminism and its relevance. 426 more words


Full House and male feminism

Kittens. Memes. Ranting on YouTube comment sections. Every person has their own way to deal with stress, to handle the constant flow of bills to pay, and to avoid unplanned get-togethers… 763 more words