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Can men be feminist?

2016. The age where a sexual harasser can become president of the free world. The question which arises from this, is whether or not men can be feminist. 466 more words


Full House and male feminism

Kittens. Memes. Ranting on YouTube comment sections. Every person has their own way to deal with stress, to handle the constant flow of bills to pay, and to avoid unplanned get-togethers… 763 more words


Is the feminist man a mythical creature?

Well, is he?

Maybe there’s a cult-like group of feminists who believe in the fabled creature. I could join them. We could be devout believers, like certain Big Foot fanatics who go on believing he is real, despite scant evidence: second-hand accounts of sightings, blurry pictures, and trimmings of what they think is his hair, although it probably belongs to some other animal. 2,213 more words


Submitted: "Has feminism affected dating?"

I’ve always encouraged fans, readers, friends, etc. to submit any topics or questions they were curious about (pretty much nothing is off limits), but since I’ve never really advertised it anywhere, I’ll use this editor’s note as the platform: If you have anything you’d like me to tackle or elaborate on, feel free to shoot me an email at mikezacchio@gmail.com or direct message on Twitter at @ 991 more words

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Regressive ideas dressed up as Progressive. The new (Neo) liberalism.

With the women’s liberation movement, civil rights movement, and homosexual acceptance making progress, along with oppressed minorities gaining more ground in society; there has been a giant backlash from structural oppression manifesting in numerous forms as a result. 4,765 more words

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Calling all male feminists—we need you, but not in the way you might think

By Madison Teuscher

Where do men fit into a movement that explicitly promotes women’s issues and voices? Isn’t proclaiming yourself a male feminist exactly the appropriation and privilege that feminism is trying to combat? 686 more words


Whilst researching a certain individual that I’d rather not name, mostly due to the nature of the idiom, all press is good press; I came across a phrase I had not heard before – Neomasculinaty. 1,158 more words

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