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It's All or Nothing in Equality

*Trigger warning: use of foul language and discussions of male feminism.*

People say that life isn’t black and white, but many times it is black and white because you can’t commit to something only half way and expect to stay with that commitment. 304 more words

Kevin Card

I am a feminist

Would you consider yourself a feminist?

Ooh, the f-word has just been spoken. SHOCK HORROR!

This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve hit the edge of annoyance and have decided that I need to say something about it. 156 more words


On Theology: Choose Your Own (Feminist) Adventure

I recently told some friends about this year’s Lent series on “Male Feminist Theology”. One of them looked at me suspiciously and said, “I know what each of those three English words mean by themselves, but I have no idea what they mean together; it sounds like you’re fitting together things that don’t naturally go together”. 1,202 more words


It's not just sisters doing it for themselves anymore……..

Who are the top five feminist men?

 Feminism has so long been associated with women that we forget that men can be feminists too – this is my breakdown of the top five feminist men. 474 more words


Rebecca Solnit: Feminism -- The Men Arrive!

(Hooray! Uh-Oh!)

What do the prime minister of India, retired National Football League punter Chris Kluwe, and superstar comedian Aziz Ansari have in common? It’s not that they’ve all walked into a bar, though Ansari could probably figure out the punch line to that joke. 3,686 more words

Social Justice

"I'm not a feminist, I'm a humanist." Synonymous -isms of equality

Feminism. Humanism. Egalitarianism. All largely similar doctrines centering around a desire for equality. But you wouldn’t think so when you come across claims like, “I’m not a feminist, I’m a humanist.” 534 more words


Male Feminists

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, nicely said!

Aziz Ansari, YES!

Connor Manning, (AConMann, Male Youtube Vlogger), I agreee with youu!

Tony Porter, A little longer than the other videos but just as great and true. 198 more words