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Dear Kate Iselin, I am a Feminist; I am a Man

Dear Kate Iselin,

A feminist is someone who believes that, no matter what gender you identify as, you should be treated equally. I have never seen it as more complicated than that. 555 more words


I Am a Grill. Please Don't Politicize Me.

Hello. I am a grill. I am the one who chars your meat, or your veggie dogs, to crispy perfection. Given my life experience as an outdoor cooking apparatus, it follows that some of my best friends have been dudes. 750 more words

Pop Culture

We Need to Talk About Periods #MenstruationMatters

When we’re young, we always want to be older. If we’re five, we say we’re nearly six. If there are adult clothes around, we will dress in them. 720 more words


Male Feminism

The following are my thoughts on the matter…

For me, some of the confusion around the subject is to do with the idea that the sexes are “real” rather than symbolic opposites. 244 more words

Frog Men

What are we going to do, we came out weird, we have moved away from the doctrine of the traditional man who is can be found in cologne commercials on TV and in action films. 1,175 more words


This is What inspiration Looks Like

One the 1st of May, 2015, modern feminism lost one of its most dedicated and humble proponents, a man named David Goldberg.

Mr. Goldberg was many things: entrepreneur, silicon valley phenom, venture capitalist, husband, father. 415 more words

It's All or Nothing in Equality

*Trigger warning: use of foul language and discussions of male feminism.*

People say that life isn’t black and white, but many times it is black and white because you can’t commit to something only half way and expect to stay with that commitment. 304 more words

Kevin Card