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Kevin Logan's Gynocracy

Kevin Logan and the ‘male feminists’ of Youtube regularly go after Thunderfoot aka Phil Mason and other MRA’s for their anti-feminist views while perpetuating the same attitudes and crap arguments they do.   682 more words


How NOT To Be A Male Feminist

Men these days often have the best intentions when it comes to feminism. However, sometimes their sensitive male egos do get in the way of fulfilling the most important goal of feminism: actually empowering real women. 769 more words

Some Men Are Being Considered For Feminist of the Year and People Are Freaking Out

By Eoin Stafford

It’s award season again, but what is more prestigious than getting Feminist Celebrity of the Year? The award is given out by Ms. 731 more words


Dear Fellow Self Proclaimed Male Feminists, or, How Not to Be James Deen

So anyone who has passed puberty & has an internet connection is aware of the current rape scandal & fall of porn star James Deen thanks to the bravery innitiated by Stoya. 420 more words