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Escaping the Echo Chamber Part 1: Origin of Intersectionality

When I first began this blog, I did so with the stated intention of creating a dialogue, a space in which men might come to learn about feminism and all the reasons why it was a movement they should get behind. 732 more words

Title IX and the Rapists It Protects

I’m gonna tell ya a lovely fuckin fairy tale about college, friends, and rape.

Long, long ago in a far away land….

Ha, that’s a good one! 5,060 more words

The "Friend Zone" is Bullshit, so Why Isn't Prostitution?

We all know about the Friend Zone, right? That shitty term used by dudes stuck in the intersection of unrequited love, self-delusion, and seriously poor taste in hats? 732 more words

Friday listicle round-up: Can men be feminists?

So, every now and then I get a question from a male friend about whether or not men can be feminists. I’m planning on writing a more involved post aobut this topic, but for now I figured I’d share some of the lists that I found. 125 more words

BDSM Logic Makes No Sense Applied to Anything Else

Imagine you’re at a party. You’re tired out after a night of dancing, or maybe you’re equally exhausted after a night of sipping on your drink while white guys with gauged ears tell you repeatedly about their new bands, their philosophy degrees, or how veganism has really helped them to feel more in tune with nature. 1,353 more words