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The Face Of Masculinity

On this episode, we peel away the veneer of masculinity and explore what lies underneath. We hear excerpts from a panel discussion at a screening of Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary The Mask You Live In. 30 more words

Adamant Eve

How To Be An Ally

On this episode, we ask: How can men be better allies to women?

We talk to members of Men Edmonton, a organization for male allies and feminists, about how men are stakeholders in gender equality and we hear from a roundtable of feminist-identifying men concerning their thoughts on allyship.

Adamant Eve

Man walks into a bar - because it was set so low.

I think this is where the title joke came from but please forgive me if I’m wrong. If you know who made the original quip, tell me and I’ll credit them. 1,031 more words

For The Men Who Never Made Me Cum

Why am I,

Princess of the sofa

Hairless heiress of your revolting seed,

The first one you call

When you find out you like to be fucked in heels? 41 more words


STUDY: Women Love Them Some Toxic Masculinity

Nature has a funny way of working through the feminist myths of this world. Daily Wire, by Amanda Prestigiacomo, May 17, 2017: Women can’t help but love masculine men, not RompHim-wearing metrosexual male feminists.

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Can men be feminists?

According to the Oxford Dictionary definition of feminism, (“the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of sexual equality”,) the movement doesn’t appear to be something that is confined to one particular sex; inclusive and unexacting definitions that appear all over the internet seem to agree with this. 513 more words


Male Feminists: The Rise of Feminism's Surprising Ally

Think feminism is just a woman’s issue?

Think again.

Here at Feminist Fairground, we are strong believers that feminism is not just a girls only club – men are invited too. 547 more words