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News: To Male Feminists: Is This What You Want?

Male feminists? It’s a sad sad world. A disgrace to the male gender.


Liberal guy catfight! Pompous progressive twits battle over whether backing Biden is "sexist"

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Is it misogynistic–or just human–to prefer Joe to Hillary?

And best of all, it’s a liberal-guy catfight over whether you’re a sexist pig if you don’t much care for Hillary Clinton, you think she’s running a campaign that puts the “bung” into “bungled,” and you love seeing Joe Biden run against her because: 1) He’s just plain more likable than Hillary; and 2) He’s so darned entertaining.

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Men: How Feminist Are You?

1. The movie Trainwreck was________________

A. Pretty good

B. A better than average romantic comedy.

C. A betrayal of the revolution

2. Amy Schumer’s massive popularity is in some part due to__________… 448 more words








Jesus omg oh mygod holy lord

They’re evolving…

This is exactly the thing we’ve been talking about, with abusers adopting the lingo of groups and exploiting their dynamics.

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