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What can men do for feminism?

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Listen, understand & face your mates

Throughout history women often did not have a voice and were silenced when speaking up. 382 more words


Episode 184: Nick’s Trip to Our Friendly Neighbourhood Brothel

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The list continues: Male feminists

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Last week we looked at a few male celebs you might have not known were feminists, and what they had to say about gender equality. 296 more words


Did you know these male celebs are feminists?

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Although feminism might seem like a movement only involving women fighting for female rights, that is not enitrely true. There are many men who speak loudly about their commitment and engagement to feminism and the fight for gender equality. 495 more words


The Face Of Masculinity

On this episode, we peel away the veneer of masculinity and explore what lies underneath. We hear excerpts from a panel discussion at a screening of Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary The Mask You Live In. 30 more words

Adamant Eve

How To Be An Ally

On this episode, we ask: How can men be better allies to women?

We talk to members of Men Edmonton, a organization for male allies and feminists, about how men are stakeholders in gender equality and we hear from a roundtable of feminist-identifying men concerning their thoughts on allyship.

Adamant Eve

Man walks into a bar - because it was set so low.

I think this is where the title joke came from but please forgive me if I’m wrong. If you know who made the original quip, tell me and I’ll credit them. 1,031 more words