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The double gaze in Ex Machina (2015)

The female gaze is on the rise! Or at least, on television it is. LA Times reporter Meredith Blake analyzed a handful of television and Netflix series and comes to the conclusion that the traditional standards of filming and depiction of women on screen are going through a major change[1]. 1,855 more words

It's Raining Men

It’s not.

Now, that we have that out of the way.

Chuski Pop is a podcast I was introduced to a couple of months ago. It is hosted by Sweety and Pappu and it is about all things desi, feminist, existential, happening, and even sexual. 1,009 more words

Men And Women

MALE GAZE - " The Shining Path "

In-the-moment abandon and knowing craftsmanship, an explosive sound, a refusal of tidy resolution, drowned in reverb, more more More. This is the trick that Northern California… 197 more words


A League of One’s Own: South East Women Wrestlers

South East Women Wrestlers (hereafter SEWW) are an artist collective in Athens, GA consisting of female and female-identified performers who seek to subvert patriarchy and the male gaze through spectacle and role play. 1,113 more words

Scholarly Wrestling Reviews

Puncturing the paleo idyll

The Hadzas of Tanzania on Body Hack, with Todd Sampson on the National Geographic channel, were simplified for the want of a better word into idealized hunter-gatherers. 721 more words


My own #metoo

I just got back from walking the dog, which is usually a joyful part of my day. We typically head out mid-morning for a bit of exercise before lunch. 875 more words

Deferred Leave

On Gynocentrism and the “Male Gaze” in Erotic Fiction and Pornography

Yesterday I was in conversation with a domme about putting some work towards a project of hers, one that in principal I support, which revolves around providing erotic artwork and literature that caters specifically to the pleasures of dominant women.  1,490 more words