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11 Men Talk About How Their Breakup Affected Them (When They Were The One Leaving)

1. “She cheated on me, but she wanted to stay together, figures. She was definitely the best looking girl I’ve ever been with (figures again), but I couldn’t stay. 886 more words

The Male Perspective

As a budding fiction writer, I am constantly intrigued by points of view. As a woman, I immediately identify with the female perspective and can find numerous ways to relate to it for obvious reasons. 487 more words


Take it from a guy....

Hi All,

My name is Greg… I really had to beg before I was allowed to write this post. This is a great blog for women to share their stories, but it wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t any male input. 205 more words


Mr. Hopeful Opens Up

Earlier today, my wife and I attended our first peer-led infertility support group. She found the group on Resolve’s website, and it just so happened that today they were encouraging spouses, husbands, and partners to join in. 926 more words


Romantic Scene (Male Perspective)

I look into her big, chestnut eyes and smile. Admiring the her face’s many features: the plumpness of her lips; the curves and lines of her jaw; the flawless skin on her rosy cheeks; the dark brown hair, that often has to be pushed behind her ear, on her head; and that cute little nose of hers that sits in the center of her adorable face. 835 more words

Trine: Part Two, Chapter One

A couple of days ago, I discussed the age old question of whether women can write male characters and men can write female characters.

In the novel I am currently writing, … 2,678 more words


Adventure in Sensitivity as Strength

The table’s have turned.

I asked quite a few men (more than appear here, but frankly, I got too impatient and too excited to share with you*) in my life to define a couple of words. 2,786 more words

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