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Help Wanted: Male Perspective

I am currently working on a short piece of fiction that I would like to partner with a male writer on.  On the surface, it is a piece about a potential first sexual encounter between a college-aged woman and college-aged man who are interested in more than a one-night stand with each other.   209 more words



(Tuesday 13th September – Monday 19th September)

We walk around with labels based on our roles, occupations, beliefs, race…etc. But before acquiring most of these labels or becoming aware of their effect on our lives, there’s one that we are best acquainted with from birth: … 30 more words

Writing Challenge

All The Reasons I Want To Stay With You

Your eyes.

In your pictures, your eyes captivate me every time. Regardless of what you wear, who’s with you, or wherever you are at that particular moment, your eyes shine brighter than everyone and anything else. 866 more words

4 Tips To Fighting The Toughest Relationship Attention War (The One Between Your Girlfriend And Her Dog)

Any man who has ever dated a girl with a dog knows that on the day you make it official with her, you have then joined the war that has been going on for years. 720 more words

22 Men On The Most Unexpected Reason They've Been Attracted To Someone

1. “She looked exceptionally sexy in blue.”

2. “She likes tacos. There’s something about a woman that likes tacos.”

3. “She understood me when I made a reference to an episode of Spongebob.” 419 more words

12 Men Reveal Exactly Why They'd Rather Date An Introvert Or An Extrovert


“I’m an introvert so I’d rather be with someone who’s the opposite. She can be the life of the party and all that, and it’ll bring me out of my shell.

663 more words

Tangled - Emma Chase

Most romances novels follow the same generic plot: the male love interest is a sex god and has been with multiple other women while the female main character is sheltered and hasn’t yet experienced earth shattering sex. 412 more words