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This Is The Man I Want To Be For You

I don’t want to be the man who calls you at two in the morning for a booty call. I don’t want to be the man who will only remember your importance when I’m in ‘need. 460 more words


Couldn’t you tell you loved him?
Why’d you hold onto me?
You made the heartbreak harder
Than it had to be
You tried to go on loving me… 67 more words


He Said What?

“It takes a great man to give sound advice tactfully…” — Logan P. Smith

Here’s the thing: ¬†Women, we talk to each other a bunch about a bunch of stuff, especially relationships. 305 more words


So, the time had come…

I armed myself with a glass of whisky, my smart phone and a bunch of pictures I had selected earlier from my Instagram account. 792 more words


All roads led to this...

Generally, I’m not a believer in online dating. Although it’s now massively accepted and I wouldn’t personally judge anyone for participating, I hate the idea that we are now so dependent on technology that we can no longer approach someone in a real life situation. 828 more words


Standing in line

I’m standing in line to kiss you
You’re making me wait my turn
But I’m not used to loving
Girls I have to earn
Somehow you make it worth it… 17 more words

Male Perspective

Getting Inside A Man's Head

What is he thinking?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself plenty times. One I’ve spent senseless hours deliberating over. One I’ll probably never know the answer to. 521 more words

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