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22 Men On The Most Unexpected Reason They've Been Attracted To Someone

1. “She looked exceptionally sexy in blue.”

2. “She likes tacos. There’s something about a woman that likes tacos.”

3. “She understood me when I made a reference to an episode of Spongebob.” 419 more words

12 Men On Whether They'd Prefer To Date An Introvert Or An Extrovert


“I’m an introvert so I’d rather be with someone who’s the opposite. She can be the life of the party and all that, and it’ll bring me out of my shell.

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#Podbyky Epi 11 Male-Kesi Perspective

I will be the first to admit…I don’t understand men. I think I can figure them out, but what’s the point in guessing when I can go directly to the source and get some of my most pending questions answered. 38 more words

Tangled - Emma Chase

Most romances novels follow the same generic plot: the male love interest is a sex god and has been with multiple other women while the female main character is sheltered and hasn’t yet experienced earth shattering sex. 412 more words

"Hello from the other side!"

(Adele’s song title fit my post perfectly; I hope she will not mind.)

Recently, I have acquired new layers of perspective on singleness over 35; one layer is the male point of view of marriage, divorce, and dating again, and the other is a new view of the challenges of single parenting. 1,557 more words

Daily Life

Chad's Voice: The Missed Homerun

Chad wrote his first blog post in honor of the documentary Don’t Talk About the Baby. Please read and share far and wide! The male perspective is so important in the infertility and loss world! 86 more words