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Why Breastfeeding is in Men's Best Interest

James Akre looks at human motivation and cultural influences on behavior as he tells us about breastfeeding from a man’s perspective.

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Natural Hair

I am skating on thin ice here with what I am about to voice out but as an introductory post to what I am about, I need to let you; the audience, know that this platform for me is where I say out my opinion and make a discussion around every topic I feel is an issue that needs to be addressed. 775 more words


#MeToo: As Men We Need To Take Action Right Now, Instead Of Just Fucking Talking About It


I’m Jeremy, and I’m right here, ready to spit some fire.

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Let’s start with this: Me, too.

Me, too.

Me, too. 1,608 more words

Women... Jealousy Vs Ego

As I’ve grown older I realised that women are just as competitive or even more so than men.  But is it jealousy or ego? In this instance let’s use a ‘new relationship’ as an example.  1,352 more words


Ladies: If He Doesn’t Act Like He Cares, He’s Just Not That Into You

Ladies, the real reason you are not that important to him is because he does not desire you like that. Time and time again, I see girls put themselves out there for the same man, and they get hurt emotionally because they chose to either ignore the man’s actions or be smooth-talked. 510 more words

EROTICA: Fabio Baerbak and the Magnificent Meat market

I wrote this particular story years ago but I think it is a decent short read to decide whether or not at least my erotic writings are for you. 924 more words


Kylie runs down the beach towards the water. Her child-like excitement radiates off her in a contagious glow, “I love the beach.” She told me once, “the sun shining on my skin, the feel of the sand between my toes as the waves wash over my feet. 564 more words