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Kylie runs down the beach towards the water. Her child-like excitement radiates off her in a contagious glow, “I love the beach.” She told me once, “the sun shining on my skin, the feel of the sand between my toes as the waves wash over my feet. 564 more words


Sports: Why the Universal Appeal?

With football season looming before us, my thoughts turned to sports and a few realizations. I’m going to be honest and come right out and say it: I don’t understand football. 725 more words

Free Advice


I’m hungry for you to see me

And you’re looking in my eyes

But with a look that tells me

That you see past the guise… 130 more words


This Is The Man I Want To Be For You

I don’t want to be the man who calls you at two in the morning for a booty call. I don’t want to be the man who will only remember your importance when I’m in ‘need. 460 more words


Couldn’t you tell you loved him?
Why’d you hold onto me?
You made the heartbreak harder
Than it had to be
You tried to go on loving me… 67 more words


He Said What?

“It takes a great man to give sound advice tactfully…” — Logan P. Smith

Here’s the thing:  Women, we talk to each other a bunch about a bunch of stuff, especially relationships. 305 more words