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Gutter - hvem bry seg om dem...

Sentio Research gjennomførte en undersøkelse i april 2017 for Norsk Studentorganisasjon og Universitas. Undersøkelsen dekket flere områder og uønsket seksuell oppmerksomhet var ett av dem. 612 more words

Male Victim

The Bleak Reality of Male Abuse Survivors

Over the past year, I’ve been writing a book called, Those Who Weep, which chronicles the spiritual recovery process of abuse survivors. As I continue to write and edit, I mostly draw upon my own personal experiences. 1,562 more words


Welcome to my blog.

This blog is dedicated to all, and in particular to the families left traumatized, humiliated and lost. My son was incarcerated in Australia’s hardest prison on his 18th birthday for a three strike rule. 111 more words

Male Rape Victims - How Rape Discriminates.

Recently, I have been reading through Hong Kong’s sexual harassment laws. There is one article that caught my eye:

A man commits rape if—


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3 BBCThree Documentaries to watch now!

The first documentary I can remember watching was The Boy whose Skin Fell Off (for anyone who hasn’t seen it, do, it’s on All 4… 436 more words

Celebrating Surviving & Thriving

Tonight I am going to my 40th high school reunion. I am taking two intents: Celebrate and Curiosity.

On the surface we’ll be celebrating the length of our lives. 173 more words

Moving On


I recently read a post from a man who was drugged and raped. It kicked my gut back decades. It may as well have been 1974. 371 more words

Moving On