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Feminism: Committing Crimes Against Humanity

“if we turn the project into simply helping victims it then becomes a patriarchal project  and the feminist social change agenda is being jeopardised” Anne Marie Goetz, UN Women Chief Advisor on Peace and Security Council … 1,609 more words

White Guilt rebrands as Norway Syndrome

And shuffles one step closer to naming the beast of Pathological Altruism.


This anecdote is tricky, and no less worthy of sympathy alongside your just desserts of Schadenfreude. 173 more words

Watch Why This Man Thinks Rape is Halarious (I was in tears )

I know that my blog talks mostly about women being raped.  I don’t do it on purpose.  I am a woman,  who was raped,  and I talk alot about my experience and feelings. 56 more words


In support of male rape victims...

It happens to men, too. Speak up in their defence and shout loudly, we are all in this together.


Woman accused of raping younger male relative

On Wednesday, a 21-year-old woman was charged with first-degree rape after she had sexual encounters with a younger male relative over a period of five years, according to police. 85 more words


After the bomb, what next?

My Shining Ones, I hope you are ready for this. Stories of infidelity are a dime a dozen. I am grateful that you are putting your trust in me to break my life wide open. 1,061 more words

Rape: Not Just For Women

Fun fact: Males cannot, in a court of law, accuse a woman of raping them. A shockingly short while ago a man could only press charges against another man for sexual assault or “non-consensual buggery” but he could not be recognised as a rape victim – not by the court and, in a knock on effect, not by the world either. 754 more words