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I Am A Male Rape Survivor, And I'm Tired Of Being Silent About My Story

“I wasn’t actually raped.” At least that’s what I kept telling myself as I drove home the morning after I was technically raped.

“Technically raped,” the very possibility of being a man and actually being raped — by a woman no less — seemed so far out of the realm of possibility that I couldn’t accept it as being real. 630 more words

Male rape: Ignorant Reality

Disclaimer : The views expressed in the blog is on the ground of Indian Penal Code of Justice and doesn’t hurt the political, religion and moral code of the country writer currently resides in… 999 more words


He Went To The Party Thinking He’ll Find Like-Minded People In A New City: What He Actually Found Is The Worst Memory Of His Life

He was new to the city … lost … lonely … spending most of his spare time with himself, wishing he had some company.

The message flashed on his screen from that App, he had recently downloaded. 766 more words


Stuff Mum Never Told You

***This post may be triggering for some people. It contains sexual assault and rape – and is particularly aimed at dispelling some myths (and realising some truths) – when it comes to male sexual assault.*** 432 more words


It was a cold winter morning; dark and foggy. Rahim’s mother called him for breakfast, but he snuggled up even more in his blankets. It was a good day to sleep in. 1,159 more words

Flash Fiction

Midweek Fix: The Curse of the Nigerian Male

The Curse of the Nigerian Male

I’m coming from the Island; Ikoyi to be exact (anywhere from Marina to Epe is the Island; deal), from the Waterside where I’d just had fish peppersoup and Smirnoff Ice with a friend. 1,799 more words


10 Male Sexual Assault Myths - Male Abuse Awareness Week

~ May Trigger ~

Myth 1: Men can’t be raped or sexually assaulted.

Reality: Any man can be sexually assaulted or raped regardless of size, strength, appearance, age, occupation, race or sexual identity. 778 more words