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Randy's Story

Randy Payne was 21. He was convicted of breaking into a warehouse and stealing liquor. Texas put him in a Maximum security prison. Eight days later, he was dead. 516 more words

A male rape victim tells his story.

This month being  sexual assault awareness month, I have decided to pay more attention to sexual violence and explore its reality. Sexual violence has been a social issue since man probably had his first erection. 1,066 more words


Male Sexual Assault

Can men be sexually assaulted?

Men and boys are often the victims of the crimes of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape. In fact, in the U.S., about 10% of all victims are male.1… 781 more words


'Law & Order: SVU' fan recap: Always trust Olivia Benson

Season 16 | Episode 17 | “Parole Violations” | Aired Mar 25, 2014

FOUR WEEKS. It has been FOUR WEEKS since the last new episode of… 1,050 more words

Now you see it, now you... Funding for male rape victims – a deft sleight of hand?

Grants awarded from the ‘male victims of domestic and/or sexual violence fund’ (2011/12 and 2012/13) bizarrely side-stepped organisations dedicated to supporting male victims (1).  Thus, amongst the losers from that round of funding were several specialist organisations: 481 more words

Little Irritants & Disruptions

#BreakTheSilence? You could hear a pin drop! Gendered prioritisations and de/re-prioritisations in sexual victimization

On February 13th, 2014, the Ministry of Justice jubilantly announced that male victims of rape and sexual assault would – for the first time – receive dedicated funding from central government, and launched its ‘break the silence’ campaign. 158 more words

Little Irritants & Disruptions

Rape? Feminists - stop excluding male victims & check YOUR privilege!

Over a decade since male victims of male-perpetrated rape (M/M) were recognised in law, the myth persists – even amongst the liberal intelligentsia, including those whose ‘specialism’ is concerned with sexual violence and (in)justice – that the only legitimate identity a male can have in the offence of rape is as an offender. 49 more words

Little Irritants & Disruptions