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"Male rape; the silenced and overlooked problem"

“Can a man be raped?” “That means he is soft/feminine/weak.” “He is not masculine enough!” – These you may think after reading the topic of this article, but let me shock you: “Boys/men can be sexually used or abused, and it has nothing to do with how masculine they are.” (Raperesponce.com). 940 more words

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Review (SPOILERS): 4 Things That Bother Other People, and 1 Thing That Bothers Me

I’m back!  After I scribbled off my No Spoilers Review in the middle of the night, I am now awake (sort of) and am ready for my SPOILERS review!   4,494 more words

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"That man is lucky to be raped by that gorgeous woman."

This is one of the posts on the website called Wild Ammo that I came across while searching for images related to sex offenders for my dissertation. 347 more words


Come. Chapbook.  Katie Lewington. 


Three short stories, Come, Mask and Broken Plug Socket, on taboo subjects: Letting go, prostitution and male rape.


Broken Plug Socket

There was a broken plug socket. As the giggles of the three women broke out, wine sloshed as they took swigs from the bottle, I concentrated on the plug socket, with nausea rising in my throat. 36 more words


First Glimpse of NISVS 2012 Results

I have written quite a few posts about the NISVS 2010 and NISVS 2011 reports which found staggering number for male victimization of sexual violence – in particular in the “made to penetrate” category which for inexplicable reasons CDC buried by not categorizing it as rape. 83 more words

Male Victim