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Old sexist adverts again - this time re men


A picture is worth a thousand strawmans. I’ve included ‘problematic’ implications.

>Implying men are worthless without a fat wallet. Come on, we know what ambition means. 488 more words

My Rape


This isn’t well written or nuanced, just the facts. I just had to get it down. It’s also graphic. I will be coming back as things come up. 2,418 more words

What if the secret behind degeneracy is terrible parents?


The reason we have consent laws, and no, they don’t just apply to men.

There are plenty of female pedophiles too. Case in point. 155 more words

Men are NOT Raped More than Women in the US pt. 2

Men’s rights activists (MRAs) were abound in the comment’s section of my post, “Men are NOT raped more than women.” They ignored all the statistics I posted and made up their own conclusions using incorrect analyses of the data. 766 more words

Social Commentary

I am Tired of Struggling to Survive. Yes, I Give Up!

Title: The Story of a Suicide

Author: Sriram Ayer

Genre: Tragedy

Website: The Story of a Suicide

Note:  This is an e-book which can be read in the website above. 1,471 more words


Rape and the Man Child

Rape and the Man Child


Close your eyes.

Or don’t. You need them open to read this after all.

You’re fourteen. You know about girls – well; you’ve seen movies, read James Hadley Chase and Danielle Steele among others. 1,015 more words


6 ways society fails men who survive rape

by Laura Mundy

Recently, I worked for a short time at Mankind Counselling in Brighton & Hove, UK. They are a charity providing counselling for men who have experienced sexual violence, abuse and assault. 1,122 more words