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Personal choice for today DRENGE - Bloodsports

Derbyshire band gone big, DRENGE, are such a big slap of energy which is why they’re perfect for a hard workout.

The track I’m obsessed with is from their self-titled debut album which came out in 2013 (I know, get with the times) but it just pumps me up everytime! 15 more words


[Season Of Love Project] Petrichor

(n) Bau khas yang ditimbulkan oleh air hujan yang mengenai tanah atau aroma yang muncul sesaat setelah hujan turun


melodramasouls present you a drabble / 262 more words


Video Premiere: DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad

The genre I like to call stomp-folk has blown up in recent years. At the same time, folkies and singer-songwriters have slowly come to realize that there’s good money to be made in sync licensing, or selling permission to use your tracks in films and television. 160 more words

Male Singer

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller

Back in the day when I lived in Upshur County West Virginia, I took every chance I could to hang out with, listen to, and jam with the local fiddlers of that part of the state. 269 more words


Take A Chance on Me

Published on Crazy English Echo, February 2012  发表于《疯狂英语:原声版》2012年2月

关注欧美音乐的同学对这首Take A Chance on Me一定不陌生。它就是以第二的好成绩空降到英国UK单曲榜的歌曲。这首歌是英国男孩组合JLS(Jack the Lad Swing)“摇摆不定男生”新专辑Jukebox中的第二支单曲。

JLS自从2008获得英国选秀比赛X Factor亚军以来,人气剧增,常常横扫英国各大音乐榜单,冠军曲不断。他们的首支单曲《Beat Again》的销量达到10万张,力敌Lady GaGa的《Just Dance》和Pixie Lott的《Mama Do》成为当年英国唱片市场上市第一周销量最高的单曲。这四个大男孩漂亮的声线和深情的演唱俘获了众多歌迷的心。他们俨然已成为英国乐坛的宠儿。本期就随“玫瑰咖啡屋”一起去感受这四个阳光大男孩的动情演唱吧。


Take A Chance on Me 给我一次机会 240 more words


Fresh Little Love Song 清新小情歌

Published on Oversea English, November 2012  发表于《海外英语》2012年11月

在今年伦敦奥运会闭幕式上,一个年轻的男生组合的演唱将闭幕式的气氛推向高潮。他们就是由一群英国小伙组成的One Direction乐队组合。而他们演唱的就是他们那从英国火遍全球的首支单曲What Makes You Beautiful。那首歌是几个大男孩表达心迹的一首清新小曲。让我们也去听听他们同张专辑中的另一首清新小情歌。

One Thing

(One Direction)

I’ve tried playing it cool

Girl when I’m looking at you… 362 more words


Growing Uniquely 不走寻常路

Published on Oversea English, September 2012  发表于《海外英语》2012年9月

五个迷人帅气的英国大男孩带着他们动听的歌曲横扫英国UK音乐排行榜,摘得冠军的桂冠。那五个阳光男生就是英国男子新晋偶像团体The Wanted的成员,而那首备受大众好评的冠军曲目就是几经各国歌手翻唱的歌曲Glad You Came。让我们一起去看看那五个男生是如何征服各国音乐爱好者的。

Glad You Came

(The Wanted)

* The sun goes down

The stars come out… 181 more words