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It was Saturday night and as usual she purposely placed her phone on silent. She didn’t want to be bothered with any texts and phone calls from her friends urging her to go out. 2,156 more words


Hire the Top San Diego Female Strippers and Make Parties Explode Hot

People opt for parties to alleviate boredom of life. To add colour to various types of parties, you can opt for strippers. Earlier, a lot of people confused strippers with escorts but things have changed for better with time! 331 more words

San Diego Exotic Dancers

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Enthral Your Guests with Performance of Exotic Dancers In San Diego

People throw parties to celebrate various events and also for seeking a change from drudgery of life! When you want to throw a party for celebrating birthday or want to enjoy a raunchy bachelor’s party, you will need the right provisions. 324 more words

San Diego Exotic Dancers

One Sleazy Piece Of Shit

Male strippers have come a long way since the era of breakaway polyester jumpsuits, which were apparently popular enough to justify bringing back for no less than five seasons.The term “manscaping” did not exist in the 1970’s so one can only imagine the full bouquet that Zach Galifianakis here is about to reveal before pelvic-thrusting around the stage in harmony with the melodic strains of “Macho Man” and the quiet sobbing of several tipsy bachelorettes.


13 Hot, Raunchy, Disgusting, And Hilarious Stories From Male Strippers

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1. I walk into the bar and there are 80-plus middle-aged women going mental.

“On my first time around I almost got the shit knocked out of me. 4,093 more words

Vegas: Thunder Down Under

 I’m going to VEGAS!!! Check that off my bucket list!

Yes, I will be going to the Thunder Down Under show. WHAT? My friend wants to see them. 28 more words

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