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How to mastubate

Don’t have a relationship, never had one? Who says that you can’t have pleasure by your self. I will give you some tips today. You’ll never wish for a man. 229 more words




  1. a compelling attraction; fascination
  2. hypnosis as in induced, according to F.A. Mesmer, through animal magnetism
  3. hypnotism

From the first time Lawrence had read the cover of the small pamphlet he had found in the corner of Parson’s General Store, he had fallen in love with the writing of Samuel Humphrey, a man he’d never heard of on a topic that was rarely discussed in the homes, streets, or churches in Virginia. 339 more words


The Nation - male suicide, housing and US politics

On The Nation this morning…

Auckland housing again:

Has the Government done enough to tackle Auckland’s housing crisis? Newshub’s political editor Patrick Gower asks Housing Minister Nick Smith.

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Circle of Family and Friends

Hello, hello! I’ve been a total stranger for months, I know I know. Everyone kept telling me how quickly time would fly with kids and I didn’t quite believe them until now. 94 more words


Cloud Dancer

Featured Items: PIERO+Indian skirt, Bauhaus Movement – YeaH! Fashion Necklace, OXIDE Farai Armband, &   #187# Tribal Ring (TFC)

The beat was driving, and it moved through their bodies like a call from a higher power. 1,133 more words

Second Life

Recovering from Skin Cancer Treatment

Get Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Naples, FL

Each year, almost 3.3 million Americans will be treated for skin cancer, and nearly one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetimes. 489 more words


A Response to "Trans Men Explain Male Privilege"

Earlier this week Laci Green’s channel, “Braless” released a video entitled “Trans Men Explain Male Privilege” where she had procured five transmen who claim they experienced ‘both sides’ and now who now want to lecture everyone about male because they feel like scholars in the subject now and if you disagree, well, you’re wrong. 2,066 more words