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Isaiah comes from a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is salvation”.

Origin: Hebrew


  • Isiah (English)
  • Isaias (English)
  • Yesha’yahu (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Yeshayahu (Hebrew)
  • Esaias (Biblical Latin)
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Evaluating “The Antagonist” Utilizing Feminist Theory

Following the conclusion of “The Antagonist” by Lynn Coady, I found that feminist theory was very evident throughout the novel. Feminist theory is a theory designed to further bring notice to the fact that women are people and should be treated the same. 758 more words

Hyōgo (ひょうご)

Sources Pronunciation guide

(Main) gender: Male
Pronunciation: kho:-go [ço̞ː.ɡo̞]
Various transcription: Hyougo

Etymology and/or ways to write:
One way to write this name is to use a regular 2-kanji combination, with the first element being used as 兵 meaning “soldier, army,” 彪, which can refer to a small tiger or otherwise the stripes of a tiger, or 丙, which refers to the third of the ten Heavenly Stems. 287 more words


Black, Male & Depressed - MHC Interview

Being male is often associated with having physical and emotional strength. Although many men do possess these attributes, these attributes are often mistaken for indestructibility. … 2,016 more words



Alvin is an English male name, a variant of either Ælfwine (meaning “elf friend”), Æðelwine (“noble friend”) or Ealdwine (“old friend”). Alvin is also an English surname originating from the given name. 47 more words



My contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Endings.

I had a few ideas for the challenge before deciding to go with a selection of photos taken at the end of the day. 92 more words

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