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Gender Today...

I would like to start off by saying that I am in no way against feminism, I just think it’s strange how female independence, although an amazing development has produced some very prevalent problems to how society was, let’s say 50 years ago. 340 more words

Gay Themed Pinoy Indie Film : Pulgada ( Inches ) introducing Kenneth Pachero of the Bridal Shower Boys

Synopsis: Joaquin, a good looking Boholano migrated to Manila to disremember his past. Shortly after he first stepped foot on the ground of Manila he became one of the best known go go dancer in the dark some show business industry. 132 more words



Es scheint, dass im Jahr 2015 wird es Rollen, Pixie-Haarschnitt für diesen wechseln, lange Haare für sie ist, dass immer mehr Männer entscheiden sich für dieses Jahr zu gehen sein Haar und Bart wachsen. 11 more words

That one thing MEN should know- IT HURTS Part-2

I didn’t see of her for some 10 days, I was getting worried about how she was and what else could be going inside that house. 510 more words


PTSD study seeks male military spouses

Scientists at George Mason University wish a continuing research in to the ramifications of post-traumatic stress on troops house lives may deliver more ways the Military may tackle the problem — and not simply for just one kind of family unit. 120 more words

Robert Pruett

Robert Pruett is an innocent man who was sent to prison at age 16 for a crime he didn’t commit. Then he was charged with capital murder for killing a guard which he did not do. 29 more words