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Ghoul Fan Fiction Part 5

As soon as the Punisher told me that he wasn’t planning on killing her, I should’ve known something was wrong. The aura of death surrounding Amanda told me it was coming, but I pushed it aside when I took her away from him. 765 more words


Ghoul Fan Fiction Part 4

My pal Dane, aka The Black Knight, wasn’t home. From the looks of it,  he hadn’t been here in a long time. That’s why I felt confident that he wouldn’t get upset that I broke in. 1,187 more words


Ghoul Fan Fiction Part 3

The Punisher’s eyes locked onto Amanda. I pulled out my pistol. “Back off,” I warned.

Without looking at me, he asked, “New bodyguard?”

She stayed silent. 774 more words


Ghoul Fan Fiction Part 2

I tried to push past the overwhelming aura of death surrounding Amanda, but it wasn’t easy. All I could do is remind myself that without knowing the how, the when, or the where, I was powerless to prevent the harm that would befall her. 696 more words


Ghoul Fan Fiction- Prologue 

My name is Jonathan Martin and my life became a lot more exciting after I died.

I was just a normal guy until I  came into contact with the Theta Virus. 314 more words


WCPE Episode 118 - Panel Exploration Interviews Part II

We’re back! On a Monday!!

See, every now and then, the podcast deities smile down on us and give us a plethora of audio recordings. Such was the case last weekend with the hours of recordings we did at OmahaBound. 342 more words

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No, you’re not reading that title wrong and yes, it is indeed a thing.

I like to think I know a lot about comic book video games, but sometimes even I stumble across something that makes me say “How did I now know about this?”. 1,402 more words

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