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WannaCrypt Ransomware: What To Watch For

Ransomware is malicious software that prevents you from accessing your files until a “ransom” has been paid. Wannacrypt Ransomware is the latest virus going around targeting out of date Microsoft Operating Systems.  30 more words

Malicious registry keys: Reflective injection

Over the years, we have witnessed how cybercriminals have developed and implemented sophisticated new techniques to outwit users. That being said, one thing has not changed and remains a constant challenge: ensuring perseverance and avoiding detection both by security solutions and the human eye. 475 more words

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Caution: Leaving a comment on wp makes your e.mail address visible to that sites admin

Caution: Leaving a comment on WordPress makes your e.mail address visible to that sites admin

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Windows 'Snake' Malware Ported to Mac, Imitates Adobe Flash Player Installer

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The Snake malware

It does, actually, install Adobe Flash Player, but it is accompanied by additional software that is malicious and designed to provide a backdoor into the Mac. 332 more words


The Necromancer

I’m savagely scrutinized for my sadistic sorcery

My sable soul won’t cease its search for victims to symbolically sodomize

There’s something salaciously satisfying about my obscenities… 28 more words

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A primer on Willfull and Malicious: the final review of the James vs. West case

The James vs. West case, part ten: Willful and Malicious

As a bankruptcy attorney in Mount Vernon, IL for over 20 years, I read through and analyze court rulings throughout the country. 2,023 more words


Microsoft took nine months to fix this bug in Word as hackers continued to exploit the weakness

To understand why it is so difficult to defend computers from even moderately capable hackers, consider the case of the security flaw officially known as CVE-2017-0199. 1,181 more words

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