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A contagious disease...(part 2)

(Please read part 1 then you will get a better understanding of this poem)

The thick layer covered ‘ innocent earth’
Everyday it gave a new birth, 103 more words


Finding suspicious Perl scripts

# The above line may need to be changed to point at your version of Perl
# This script attempts to find malicious files/scripts on your machine. 598 more words


A strong journey

Thoughts were pacing in my mind, Roaming free, I was not able to bind, Bind their body, their naughty steps, Which jumped forward and then leapt back… They presented a film to my mind, Starring- emotions, past and a beautiful life… The plot was simple, it picturized my journey and Those moments which never brought me any worry… Then came the climax which terrorized my heart, Those impeccable moments became the aim of a dart, The dart which passed through the pores of my skin, The dart which pierced my soul and dumped it in a bin… The malicious dart passed a smile, He didn’t realized that he was beguiled, The heart was pure, it stood up again, And the darts effort moved away in vain…


The origin of cool English words

Hello everyone,

so today I want to find out the origins of some of my favorite English words. I think that the English language really sounds cool, but the words I’ve chosen for today, are some of my favorites. 624 more words


I can't get past it...

Some days I wake up and think, “I want today to be different. I want to think positively about today. I want to believe that God has something great in store for us,” and then I think of them…the twisted idiot and his father who put us in this predicament. 315 more words


Matasano Crypto Challenge 35: Implement DH with Negotiated Groups, and Break with Malicious "g" Parameters

Pada tulisan sebelumnya dibahas mengenai implementasi serangan MITM dengan key-fixing pada Diffie-Hellman (DH) dengan injeksi parameter. Untuk tulisan hari ini akan dibahas mengenai implementasi DH dengan grup negosiasi dan pemecahan dengan parameter “g”. 159 more words