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That Misguided Email

I could have blamed it on Outlook’s Auto-Complete; or could have faulted my fingers that hit the Send button all too quick; or maybe hold responsible a passing-by employee that distracted my attention. 1,240 more words


Thursday Kpop Update | IU Seeking Legal Action Against Netizens for Malicious Rumors + Why Is Yonghwa's Picture On the Twitter Log-in?

Today is what I’ll call “#questionsthatneedanswers” mixed with a little “#butwhy”? Ok first things first, everyone is all hyped up at the fact that VIXX members are about 6 ft and a little taller. 338 more words


Patty's Corner # 227

Tank: @ Say Cute Event

            ♥    MALIcious Open Tank Top Gray ~~~> MALIcious

Stockings: @ The Black Dot Project

            ♥    Six Essence-Stockings Lace ~~~> … 37 more words

November Update

Been working on the newest title with Andrew, we’re making an alien game so expect it to be out End of November, then we’re onto the next title! 128 more words


Patty's Corner # 217: Say Cute & The Thrift Shop

Dress: @ Say Cute Event

          ♥    MALIcious Sexy Dress – Whites pearl ~~~> MALIcious

Pose: @ The Thrift Shop

         ♥    SN~ Blog My Pose 6 ~~~> … 98 more words


August 8th, 2015

Best Wishes?!

Gooooooooood Morning Rape Survivors. It’s your favorite Rape Warrior coming to you Live from John F. Kennedy Airport, NY.  Yes, that’s right I am getting the fuck out of New York again! 2,772 more words

Collateral Rape

Resigned Silence

The brazenness of the stoic silence

Weighed under the burden of conformity

For silence has transformed into poison

Impaling the soul with every corrosive drop… 63 more words