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Dear Lucilla (letter #2.1)

Dear Lucilla,

Remember every morning when you wake up that you will meet people who are meddling, ungrateful, aggressive, treacherous, malicious and unsocial. They are because they often feel insecure and are ignorant of what is actually good and evil. 335 more words


The Dark corners of Parenthood

Do you have moments when you are forced to think about the ‘what if’s’?

Situations that could occur, like your house burns down, or someone breaks in. 783 more words


I've got my low (3-weeks ago, just found)

So, dr G was, gasp, on time today. However, my 45 minute session was cut short by half an hour because Diva was out of control. 491 more words

Just Letting You Know . . .

Centipede mode

OMG! Finally, Kaneki finally got to his centipede phase in the anime series.

Just like in the manga he is quick and ferocious considering he lost sight of his surroundings and everybody around him would be considered his enemies rather than comrade (or in his case, probably food). 278 more words

Manolo Manumpty

Manolo is one of the politically frustrated regulars at Kiwiblog. As Psycho Milt said there yesterday:

I know the concept of commenting in some form other than one-line ad hominem or variations on “I hate Muslims” is a really big, hell probably too big a stretch for you…

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