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Worship:Week Thirty Eight of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with the Letter " W"

 As I was writing this post yesterday night as part of posting for Write Anything Wednesday, there was a power failure.  Nothing I could have done.   584 more words


The Rigged Debates

From Frontpage Mag, by Matthew Vadum

The Commission on Presidential Debates systematically screws over Republicans — but especially one named Donald Trump.

After three decades of political atrocities perpetrated against Republicans it is clear that the allegedly neutral Commission on Presidential Debates is irredeemably corrupt. 2,990 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Crazy Stupid Love

Cherish Etale

Interesting it is of this version of love to this generation. This love is now confused with obsession which is an unhealthy, extreme interest in something or someone.The crazy and stupid things people do in the name of love is just bizzare. 138 more words


Always on your mind

Joy Auma

Mama,was i too much for you to bear
Was i to dear for you to rear
How fast you forgot the good times we had together… 180 more words


Drive-By Download

What is a drive-by download?
When your computer is infected by a malicious program simply because it visited a website, this is known as drive-by download. 26 more words

Has Anyone Noticed This?

The very thought of me, being paid the million’s of pound’s in damage’s and compensation that I am legally, ethically, rightfully and morally entitled to, has highlighted the SEVERE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE’S AND DANGEROUS CRIMINAL MINDSET, OF SO MANY PEOPLE. 59 more words

A Whistle Blowers Diary

Macro Virus

What is a Macro Virus?
A macro virus is a malicious program that can be embedded into a particular software application, such as a word document or spreadsheet application. 18 more words