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A Mushroom, a Duck and an Owl .....

What do mushrooms, ducks and owls have in common?
I like them – read why.

Mushrooms come and go quietly and surprisingly and are harmless, unless you eat the wrong one. 27 more words


The salmon run

It’s raining here today, the dark type of day that feels all too rare here because of our desperate need for rain. Whereas last year’s rainy season got off to a great start, this one has been slow so far. 454 more words

Flourishing Tree

For the Birds: In the world of mallards

Here is the latest For the Birds column, which runs in several New England newspapers.

For just a moment, I was in their world. 562 more words

For The Birds Column

Sock Slip

I was sliding in and out between the dense cedars bows and small swamp trees pushing forward, raising my hand at about the height of my face to prevent the branches from poking me in the eyes. 1,007 more words


Our first day in Colorado

All above were taken from our balcony at our hotel in Colorado Springs. As I was taking a picture of the mountain with the fog rolling in a magpie flew on to the balcony above us. 134 more words


Mughal Paintings

#Mughalpaintings originate in Southern Asia at a time when that area was called Persia. They were generally created as book illustrations or as single works of art to be included into albums and flourished between the 16th and 18th centuries. 248 more words

Watercolour Paintings