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"Siinä on minun kuvani"

Pikaisesta vuosikatsastuksesta unohtui yksi juttu, jolta kukaan tuskin on voinut välttyä. Poika nimittäin korkkasi uransa mainosmallina ja aika isossa kamppiksessa onkin mukana! Kuvauksissa oli tosi hauskaa, malli nautti tilanteesta ja sai paljon kehuja. 20 more words


The girl with the malli

the other day I was at the chat shop eating pani poori and dahi poori to my heart’s content… this is when I noticed a girl who was about 15 years of age sitting very close to the shop… she was selling flowers… what was shocking that she was sitting there selling flowers and at the same time trying to study… the light from the chat shop is all the light she had to look at whats there in her book and to study… incidents like this remind me of the fact that I was given way too much luxury during my times and I never made full use of it… and here I see this girl who is studying hard without much facilities around and wants to make the best of whatever she has to make the living standards of hers and her family’s better… dad was very right when he kept telling that more the luxury and comfort you have less you realize the value of it and more you tend to misuse it… it all sounded so right now… it all sounded very true and close to the heart by now… this little girl reminded me of something very important in life… she reminded me of the luxuries I had and made me realize how lucky I am… how I should make the best use of it so that me my family and everyone else around me can live a better life… such incidents not only make you put on your thinking cap but also teach you valuable lessons to treasure in the journey of life… feeling truly blessed and wishing good luck to the sweet little girl to make all her dreams come true…


Näin naiset syntyvät,
(näin naisten pitäisi syntyä)
kiivaina, huterina vetoina
paperia vasten.
Miltä se tuntuu, tuhat kertaa
Lantion rotkossa väkeä
pieneksi kyläksi, ei kukaan… 16 more words