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Living Park: A Modern Tamagochi.

 This university project was a part of a European project called Peripheria, which involves the municipality of Malmö and a variety of local stakeholders. Our role and focus was the reconstruction of a public space in a neighborhood called Rosengård. 333 more words

Jojo Project, Skånetraffiken

Jojo card is a bus card in the public transportation in Malmö, Sweden. The system works good, but there is space to make it better. Through this project we had to do fieldwork on the bus but also on the spot that you can buy the card. 131 more words

An Unorthodox Interaction Design


Today, we are facing one of the biggest and deepest Crises of the modern human history. Under those circumstances, the already existing design tools seem unable and inefficient to provide a possible way out. 2,551 more words

Utanhem.net Project

Utanhem.net is a platform that everybody can use to have their voices heard, regarding the ongoing housing issue, globally but more specific in the local society of Malmö, Sweden. 200 more words

Lecture: Iran Today - Historic Development and Modern Policy

The Iranian revolution took place almost 40 years ago. Since then the Islamic Republic and the Iranian society have gone through significant changes. It is a country in transition where many of its fundamental principles are being called into question. 165 more words