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Lecture: Iran Today - Historic Development and Modern Policy

The Iranian revolution took place almost 40 years ago. Since then the Islamic Republic and the Iranian society have gone through significant changes. It is a country in transition where many of its fundamental principles are being called into question. 165 more words


Field Research: Aims and Methods.

While we are still working on the theoretical aspects of Urban Sanctuaries, we are in a parallel manner conducting minor field research in central parts of the city of Malmö. 538 more words

Urban Studies

Towards an Epistemology of Urban Sanctuaries [part 1 of 2]

Yes, that is a rather intimidating title for a blog post. But bear with us. The previous entries have dealt with an ontology of Urban Sanctuaries, asking questions like: What is an Urban Sanctuary? 865 more words

Urban Studies

Heterotopias 2/2: Urban Sanctuaries as heterotopian places.

The next station of the philosophical abstraction train applies the theory of heterotopias on what we think about when we talk about Urban Sanctuaries as places that can be found and created in urban space. 551 more words

Urban Studies

Approaching Plato’s Theory of Forms

Can 2400-year-old philosophy help us conceptualize a space in the cities of the future? Even a non-consumer and stress-reducing place in the city? Well, Plato’s theory of Form can be used as a philosophical tool to describe one aspect of our conceptualizing process and what we don’t want to do. 396 more words

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