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Fused, but not at the hip

I was standing at the front desk, chatting to another work colleague and an awkward scrawny middle-aged man came up to the counter.  I was in the watch-house at the Police Station.   1,452 more words

Kait King

The 6 Causes of Dandruff and here is what you can do about it


So, small flakes of whatever are falling off your scalp, when you scratch, when you rub or even when you brush your hair, that’s nasty and people tend to see that and get all kinds of nasty ideas about you, well to find a solution to our problem we need to understand what the problem is. 527 more words

Malnutrition: why chocolate is better than soup

Malnutrition is not just a problem seen in developing countries; a large number of Australians also suffer from this condition, which has some very serious consequences. 940 more words


Haiku #11

There are numerous bowls of
Food, and as he invokes the Gods,
Images of Africa, he conjures.


Ready, Set, #reboot

#reboot plan is here and in pre-launch. Take a few minutes and learn about this co branded project that will help you while helping others!


Do More Good

UNICEF gives warning on Yemen

There is more alarming news coming from war-torn Yemen. UNICEF, the children’s relief agency, says that deadly malnutrition is escalating very quickly.

Read the full article at Examiner.

Global Hunger

The Surprising Cause of Stunting in Tanzania

In the developed world most people have no idea what stunting is. It is a health problem we do not have to worry about because access to nutritious and fortified foods is largely available in our supermarkets and restaurants and ultimately our kitchens. 614 more words