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Why African farmers should balance pesticides with other control methods

Insect pests cause almost half of the crop losses in Africa. If the continent is to feed its growing population, farmers must find ways to control them. 971 more words


Pediatric Nutrition

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Proper amount of food and nutrition during the early stages of a child’s development is essential for the proper growth of a child.

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Balanced Diet

Food for thought

Every living species need to consume nutrients to create energy via which it can survive. We, the human species, generally eat 3 square meals a day. 460 more words


Child Nutrition- South Africa’s biggest opportunity

Malnutrition in Africa has, as its stock standard image, the pot-bellied orphan with skinny arms and legs gazing out of NGO posters imploring for donations. But in South Africa, malnutrition has a significantly different face – that of a number of children in the country. 496 more words

Reading the Unicef report

With the Unicef report last month highlighting problems with child malnutrition in People’s Housing Projects (PPRs) in Kuala Lumpur, there is a need to look at the data objectively. 654 more words


The Life-Saving Stove

One of the great pleasures of doing the Oswestry Heritage Comics has been getting to meet local history and heritage researchers in Oswestry – and discover the fascinating work that they have been doing, often on very specific subjects. 549 more words