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Wine Breakdown: Malo vs. Non Malo

Whether you like creamy, rich Chardonnays or fresh, ripe Chardonnays, it’s important to understand the process behind each flavor profile.

Malolactic fermentation is a process of manipulating flavors in wine, separate from aging or oaking. 32 more words

From Vine to Glass; How Wine is Made.

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a glass of wine and wondered how such a magnificent thing came to be? Well look no further this post will put some of your absent ponderings to rest, hopefully.  801 more words


The Rise of Sparkling Red Wine

Have you noticed, that I have lately been experimenting with some sparkling red wines. As a firm non-fan of Lambrusco, I never saw the day coming. 450 more words

Discovering Wine

Chemistry Is as Much a Story as a Science

I remember thinking in my high school chem class that a person had to have that special bond with science in order to understand what was going on. 784 more words

Chemistry Of Wine

The Aroma and Aural Nature of a Working Winery

I have fallen in love with so many unique scents and sounds at Ed’s winery. Here are some of my favorites so far. 641 more words

Malolactic Fermentation