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time passes

Manuel Maloof being photographed by the entire staff of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in his bar about 35 years ago.

Now his bar is being sold. It’ll reopen again as Manuel’s, we’re told.

Story of the sale


The Vegas Hockey Season Ticket Drive Has Sold 7000 Tickets


RJ: ´╗┐After exploding out of the box withabout 5,000 season ticket deposits in the first 36 hours two weeks ago, the ownership group seeking a National Hockey League team for Las Vegas reported Monday that the number has reached 6,950. 621 more words

They're Declaring February "Vegas Wants Hockey" Month

13 – Clark County officials are expected to declare February `Vegas Wants Hockey’ month as the region lobbies to bring a professional hockey team to the Las Vegas Strip. 226 more words

Vegas Needs To Pre-sell 10,000 Season Tickets To Get An NHL Team

RJ: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is attending a press conference Tuesday that is being held by an ownership group to officially launch a season ticket deposit campaign. 251 more words