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Little Things

Throughout the course of the day, we’ll hear the occasional special request from a customer, such as having certain condiments and teas on hand.  When we start getting the same request over and over, it’s time to have these things available!   88 more words


Seasoned Fries & Delicious Dips: The Great American Love Story

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Sometimes life’s little indulgences have to come without any guilt.   309 more words


Fish and Chips

So what have immigrants ever done for us in the UK?

Apart from providing competent plumbers and increasing the number of working youngsters to pay for baby boomers’ pensions — they have hugely improved the quality and variety of the food we now regularly enjoy. 702 more words


Spiced Apple Chutney

We recently enjoyed a tartine (an open-faced sandwich) of ham and English cheddar cheese served on a dense, grainy bread. The bread was spread with spiced apple chutney, and it was SO good that we knew we had to find the recipe at once. 138 more words

BBC GoodFood Magazine Recipe

Fish and Chips

We watched Alton Brown make these on one of the Food Network videos the other day that we had on the DVR and realized that we were due a fish dinner.   59 more words


Mullein Compress

Mullein Compress

2 quarts cider or malt vinegar

4 oz. Mullein

1/2 oz Lobelia herb

1/4 ounce cayenne powder

Gently simmer well covered for 20-30 min. 244 more words

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Weight Watcher's Steakhouse Fries Two Ways

Potato recipes are always a good side dish either for breakfast, lunch or dinner – even as an appetizer.  I like to serve these fries with a good spicy black bean, turkey or beef  burger.   289 more words

Weight Watcher's