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Oktoberfest Beer

Thanks #capebrewingco for #oktoberfest, but the #oktoberfest‬ beer ‪is now my favorite beer ever, I give this a 10/10 by far… Well Done Wolfgang!
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Malted Grain

As brewers, we depend on malted grains to convert into the wort (pronounced wert) that we ferment into that wonderful elixir called BEER! But what happens to grain for it to be called malted grain? 557 more words


Canterbury Malthouse

We’re lucky to have New Zealands best barley grown and malted on site, just down the road.
Fresh barley in the foreground.

Moody Ales - Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen

Port Moody’s Moody Ales has done it again with their Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen.

A very clear beer, with strong carbonation bubbles easily visible. It’s actually a pineapple yellow with a frothy white head. 87 more words



What is it?
You could literally spend years doing research and write thousands of papers on the subject. How do you put into words how much malt has changed the world. 547 more words

Malted cookies

These chewy, lightly malted cookies are crying out for a ruthless and unceremonious dunking in a glass of ice-cold milk. You could always spruce them up with chunks of roughly chopped milk chocolate or a handful of toasted hazelnuts, but I think they’re best left plain. 247 more words


Nikka Coffey Grain

Woops, spelling matters.  I have been erroneously telling people that the Nikka Coffey Grain whisky was produced in old coffee stills, this is not the case and upon further (or initial) research the “ 241 more words