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Goodbye Banana!

This blog is all about challenge. I’m cataloguing how I’m overcoming those to brew decent ale in a climate which is just not suited to it. 801 more words


Meantime Yakima Red

Appearance: Medium brown with red tinge or ruby red, depending on light.

Aroma: Sweet, hop, malt.

Taste: Hoppy, leaves tongue dry, citrus at same time tingles saliva glands. Different!

Score: 7

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A'bunadh, Aberlour A'bunadh

Bigger is always better right? Just like the old fashioned way is the best way. Or at least that’s what Aberlour has been banking on the past two decades with their A’bunadh releases. 592 more words


Flying Dog Numero Uno

Not ‘Numero Uno’ for me, but a pleasant beer.

Appearance: Light golden, fizzy, frothy head.

Aroma: Slight malt

Taste: Malty, smooth.

Score: 7.75

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Triple Taster: Pistonhead

This is the first post of a new series I’m starting. As you might have gathered from the headline a Triple Taster is a closer look at three beers, from the same brewery. 499 more words

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The Experiential Exceptionals

I’m told my generation, (I refuse to say ‘Millennial’) values experience over material possessions. That a memory formed, or an adventure had is more important than the shiny new car. 403 more words


Camerons Roadshow Motorhead APA

Impressive Beer Tab, beer not so!

Appearance: Golden, creamy head.

Aroma: Light

Taste: Light, malty, light toffee, slight sour aftertaste.

Score: 6

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