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Robinsons Beardo

Appearance: Amber, good head.

Aroma: Spice, grapefruit

Taste: Spicy, malty, slight citrus.

Score: 6

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The research supporting non-targeted foreign language instruction

(Note: Banner image courtesy of the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where this presentation was given.)

This weekend I had the opportunity to present at the 12th Annual MALT (Master of Arts in Language Teaching) Colloquium, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Omaha. 573 more words

Leeds Hell Fire

Appearance: Golden, big head.

Aroma: Hop, citrus.

Taste: Malt, hop which coats tongue.

Score: 6.75

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Operation Try New Restaurants: The Local Press

Last week I got my hair cut (a rarity I need to remedy) and as my stylist is practically next door to The Local Press… 125 more words


Maxim Hapi

Appearance: Golden, creamy head.

Aroma: Horlicks (malt)

Taste: Horlicks (malt), a little harsh on the finish.

Score: 7.75

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Two chocolate cakes

I’ve spent most of January feeling ghastly and ill and it seems that everyone around me has been sick too, struck down by flu, hacking coughs, head colds etc. 573 more words

Isle of Arran 14 year old

Isle of Arran 14 year old is a single malt Scotch whisky. What exactly does that mean?  It is Scotch whisky distilled (i) at a single distillery (ii) from water and malted barley without the addition of any other cereals, and (iii) by batch distillation in pot stills. 321 more words