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Animal Cruelty: Dog Buried Alive in Malta

A dog was rescued by the Animal Welfare Department yesterday near Ghar Hasan in Birzebbuga after being buried alive, while being tied up and previously beaten. 584 more words

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Gordon John Manche, sigh.

So this pastor, who is rumoured to be a ballet enthusiast, seems to believe that being gay is a sickness, which can be healed through finding the right path in God.  572 more words

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The One where Kids go Bonkers.

Another argument which reoccurs in the anti-divorce gibberish is that divorce leads to an increase in children’s psychological problems, depression, and what not.  It is true to a certain extent, since the rates of divorce and psychological problems did rise in parallel, but the interpretation is once again twisted to their likings. 359 more words

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The One with the Crying Statue.

So, the Madonna at Borg in-Nadur is allegedly shedding sorrowful tears of blood and pain, which have been interpreted to illustrate her heart-break at the possibility of the divorce law passing in Malta.   378 more words

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Burlesque show by Dazzle Troupe

Posted on September 10th, 2009

The Dazzle Troupe will present another outrageous Burlesque show on Wednesday 23rd and Friday 25th September at their usual Strait Street hangout, Chiaroscuro. 164 more words