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It's the dog days of summer

Seriously guys, if but you have anxiety and are able…get yourself a therapy pet. My dog isn’t certified as one…but when I am having some bad anxiety, usually…if I have him in my lap, I feel worlds better. 186 more words


Its a Top Down Sort of Day

Its so beautiful out… Time to pile the dogs into the convertible and go for a ride.

Where did we end up?  Out on the boat for a little ride down the Pocasset River. 6 more words


The Battle of the Bath

I wonder how many of us have experienced a collision between their elbow and their knee-cap.

My guess is: not many.

So, it is with some alacrity that I report that I, Margaret Sharp, have managed it. 253 more words

Introducing the "Breakfast Spread Brothers aka The Terror Brigade"!! 

It all started as a joke… When we got Peanut his small size reminiscent of a little peanut made the name an irresistible choice. As the name caught on and my little princess was enjoying the possibility that her pet might take on peanut qualities… We thought why not! 101 more words


You Know You're A Dog Owner If...

This one is for all my puppy lovers out there who can relate to me when i say…You Know You’re A Dog Owner If…

1. Grooming. 212 more words


Tonka and Tiffany: Guest Post by a Pet Sitter

This post is by my husband, Rob.  Having married into an animal loving/pet sitting family it was only a matter of time until he got drafted into the fold of pet sitters.   386 more words