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Off the beaten track: Valletta

Valletta has become one of Malta’s most hip cities in the past few years. This year it is set out to be more in vogue than ever, while graciously bearing the title of European City of Culture 2018. 811 more words


Off the beaten track: St Julian’s

St Julian’s is Malta’s most concentrated touristic and entertainment hub, buzzing with tourists and locals, especially during the summer months. It might seem impossible to picture a quiet spot in this city of the night, however, there are some quaint places which won’t be as crowded as the Paceville steps, or St George’s bay at any hour of a summer day. 564 more words


Shopping List

Courtesy of our favorite Malt, here are a few tasty options to spice up your gustatory adventures.

Okay, maybe the marketing has failed to sway you towards a seafood snack. 83 more words


London.. How I love thee...

Hey Everyone! I want to share someone very special to me with you all. This is my 5 year old baby girl London. She was the second born out of five Maltese. 431 more words


The situation IS desperate, dear chairman.

So we’ve come to a point where staying silent is more life threatening than speaking out. When nodding and agreeing constitutes participating in blatant lies and falsehoods. 283 more words

Daphne Caruana Galizia

My Biggest Primark Haul Yet!!!

Hi everyone, 

Oh my goodness, it is Friday again! It comes back so quickly!! I hope you all had a lovely week and I wish you all a lovely weekend! 274 more words

Music for Dogs and Otherwise

Max is not musically inclined. You might say he cannot tell his Yoyo Ma from his Yo Mama. You might say that but I wouldn’t because it would hurt his furry little feelings. 1,063 more words