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Fur Babies!

I never thought I’d be someone who would have a dog in my life. Nope. Now what I’m going to say following on from that is that I definitely did NOT think that I would be someone who would have TWO dogs in my life. 196 more words


Sleepy Angel

This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Angel, an elderly Maltese. Angel has been coming to see us for a long time and knows the routine. 216 more words


Mr. Stinky Face With Lipstick

Some of us on this blog will remember January 1, 45 BC although we will likely refer to that year as 709 A.U.C. (ab urbe condita—”from the founding of the city,” meaning Rome.) 882 more words

Max's Stories

Sunday Snapshots

From left to right: 1) Spending Sunday with my favorite things. 2) My dog is the cutest, end of story. 3) Can’t stop wearing these booties I picked up in Cologne.  25 more words


Everything Fresh!

“Of course I know how to use an oven!” That was my indignant reply in a heated discussion last Wednesday night in the kitchen with my Maltese alpha-male host and his son. 376 more words


Things to remember

Just as a reminder to those dealing with mental issues of any sort:

  • Yes, they do suck. There is no doubt about it. Whether they suck all the time can often be a big ?
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