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Heartbreaker (The White Kid)


Two months ago, INKubator posted an exercise Get Cracking #1: Show vs Tell, where we had ten prompts that are ‘tells’ and we had to develop them into ‘shows’. 175 more words


Carbon Coco - Sweet Mint Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish - Review

Hi lovelies,

How are you all doing? I hope you are all having an amazing week!!

Today’s blog post is about something that helps make your teeth whiter, in a more natural way! 479 more words

Max the Mofu Mofu Dog

The Japanese have an almost unnatural affection for onomatopoeia, which Messrs. Funk & Wagnall tell us is “the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named.” Simply put, a word that mimics a sound. 365 more words


Ten Word Tuesday: "Spoiled Girl"

I’d like to introduce a new meme or challenge to the blogosphere. Ten Word Tuesday will be a challenge to tell a short story in only Ten Words given only a Single Word or Phrase to prompt your creative juices. 172 more words

How Am I Potty Training My Morkie?

Hey guys! I know you a few tips and tricks on my Insta-story about how potty training is going for Liesel and I but I wanted to give you all a full break down of what I’ve found to work for us in our home. 1,311 more words


Egyptian pyramids ✔

Its been a couple of days since we returned from Egypt and my mind is about to explode with everything I want to share here. We were there for a two week jam packed tour. 292 more words


Max Goes Leaf Peepin' at Mammoth

Last year we did our leaf peeping in Japan. The colors of the trees were amazing. No offense to the traditional sites in the Catskills, the Great Smoky Mountains, the Berkshires or Colorado but I daresay the… 1,214 more words