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Allura l-'Gays' "itghuk f'ghajnejk" Gianluca Bezzina?

Gianluca Bezzina attends the Nationalist Party’s General Council and appears to have gone on a subtle Catholic-induced homophobic rant. While I am all for freedom of expression, people with a certain public image should really thread carefully in expressing their views that impact different societal situations. 962 more words


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Seriously?! Apart from the fact that I really don't get how just because someone knows how to sing, s/he suddenly expects to become an 'ambassador for the people' and 'represent' the majority of them (they most certainly do NOT represent me!). And apart from the fact that the guy himself hardly appears to be this paragon of straight heterosexuality (Matthew Grech style). Seems to me like certain people are so afraid of their nature that they become extremists advocating the other side of the issue. Anyways, private conjectures aside - what is obvious here is that after whirling and twirling around the issue, we still realize that this 'boy next door' whom the desperate Maltese housewives love so much, is another hypocritical soft-spoken homophobic wannabe who, while preaching love and tolerance, also preaches close mindedness and non-inclusion. Way to go... why don't all these people do us a favor, get into a time-machine, and go back to the Dark Ages where they obviously feel that they belong? I'm sure the world would leap towards peace and prosperity in a jiffy if that happened! Oh for a time-machine! My kingdom, for a time-machine!


Today is my baby’s birthday.

It was a crazy day in the office, but my best friend’s second birthday takes precedence over anything happening here. 170 more words

Max Floats His Boat

Since 1999, an esoteric Buddhist denomination called Shinnyo-en has sponsored a “Lantern Floating” ceremony on Memorial Day to create a moment of reflection and collective compassion and remember those who have passed. 844 more words

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Revision Weeks

Dear Parents,

I have had some parents (especially those with older siblings) who have been asking about assessments in Junior 1.  As stated before in Junior 1 our assessment is ongoing throughout the year.   254 more words


Thomas Maltuin - Forum Signature

Drew and designed this for one of my furry friends, Thomas Maltuin. ^^


Puppy Time 

A mans bestfriend, a loyal companion and to some a hero. No matter what they are to you dogs are family at the end of the day. 53 more words


Forecast Term 3 Week 7 starting Monday 25th May

This week (week 7) will see us finishing off most of our classwork and homework booklets.  This means we would have covered all concepts as well as consolidation that had to be covered in Junior 1.   311 more words