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Maltese (con't.)

Ragged breaths and panicked glances filled the room as Roman made sense of his surroundings once more. Hot; too hot; impossibly hot. He was melting in his own skin. 620 more words


Tribute to Bungee the Dog

No special advices in this blog post, just a tribute to my best friend and source of inspiration :) Woof woof Bungee! (translation – “Thanks a lot my friend”)


Descended from Wolves

My dog, Buddy, is a Maltese. It’s an ancient breed—two thousand years old. And since the Maltese wasn’t bred for anything but to be a cute companion, that’s two thousand years of lapdog-ness. 288 more words


Maltese (con't.)

The sudden crackling and popping of the camp fire joined in the chorus of the night as the men rested in its dancing light. Roman’s eyes followed the lashing and waving of the flames, tickling the skies and ejecting embers to smolder in the dirt. 570 more words


The Process of Grooming

Winston came in to visit for his regular grooming appointment on 4/18 and since he’s such a sweet and patient boy I decided that in light of many questions about my average 2-4 hour time quote for grooms that I would elaborate on the process. 388 more words

Gozo, Malta's Sister Island

Għawdex, as Gozo is referred to in Maltese, is just 25 minutes away by ferry from Malta’s northernmost point. When compared to Malta, Gozo is quite different, mainly because it is more rural. 1,029 more words