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72 Hours in Malta

Hey youngsters,

I would like to share a special secret with you. One that I discovered quite recently. Are you ready?

Malta is a hidden gem.  316 more words


Messed up justice system.

So if you’re Maltese and you don’t live under a rock, you heard about both of these stories:

  1. A priest called Fr Charles Fenech, who was also the former director of the Kerygma Movement was found guilty of sexual abuse on a woman who was suffering from depression after having attempted suicide.
  2. 205 more words

Chloe Needs Help

I have never been one to blog about my personal life. But at this point… I am desperate. My son and I need help. This is our three year old Maltese named Chloe. 105 more words


Defeat by Da Feet

At our last exciting episode, Max’s extremities were snugly bandaged in purple socks in the hope and expectation that his inflamed feet would quickly heal. 692 more words

Within The K Streets


Good morning… or good afternoon, depends on when you’re reading this.

I am a seventeen year old who currently lives in Malta. I wrote ‘currently’ because I don’t see myself staying here forever. 235 more words