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"Your Spiritual Name" / Memorable Fancies #1189

[“Every Christian has two names – one corporeal, the other spiritual.” – Albert Camus]

       You seek to discover your spiritual name. The exercise is simple: you ask a friend to look you in the eye and read off all the words in the Dictionary of Adjectives, one at a time. 46 more words


“ ‘I shit you not’ ” / Memorable Fancies #1183

      Swearing is asking God to witness that what you say is true. (“I swears it!” – Gollum). Cursing is condemning someone to Hell. Both are risky, as the god sometimes listens, sometimes takes you at your word, sometimes wreaks vengeance or just arbitrarily fucks with you. 75 more words


"Forgiveness" / Memorable Fancies #1176

[“Time flows in strange ways on Sundays, and sights become mysteriously distorted.” Haruki Murakami]

     People move more slowly on Sundays. Some dress up and disappear into pointy-topped buildings. 32 more words


"Where Are the Bodies?" / Memorable Fancies #1149

[“I have put out of my mind what we did with all the bodies.” – Lucy Corin]      

       I’m afraid to remember where the bodies are, where we hurriedly put them after our party that, unfortunately, did not end with warm expressions of friendship, but only farewell; afraid that if I do, I might find the bodies nearby … near me … very near … 13 more words


"Ritual of Freedom" / Memorable Fancies #1142

   At long last the colonizers are gone, those cruel and violent people who called us “primitive,” “uncivilized.” Our valiant insurgents drove them out, or perhaps our diseases did; no matter.       39 more words


"The Name" / Memorable Fancies #1128

[“Perhaps the sacred name had been misspelled / or in its uttering been jumbled or weak.” – Jorge Luis Borges]

     So let’s try it again, shall we? 35 more words


"Belief" / Memorable Fancies #1121

[“Which gods may we believe in, and which not?” – György Lukács]

     “Never mind,” said God; “belief is the booby prize. I want OBEY.”

<END> 10 more words