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"The Name" / Memorable Fancies #1128

[“Perhaps the sacred name had been misspelled / or in its uttering been jumbled or weak.” – Jorge Luis Borges]

     So let’s try it again, shall we? 35 more words


"Belief" / Memorable Fancies #1121

[“Which gods may we believe in, and which not?” – György Lukács]

     “Never mind,” said God; “belief is the booby prize. I want OBEY.”

<END> 10 more words


"The God Ponders" / Memorable Fancies #1115

     The god is thinking about how ungrateful the people He created are, how obsessed with their own desires instead of His. Perhaps they need a lesson. 43 more words


"Weight" / Memorable Fancies #1108

[“Without God the world has become lighter and man heavier.” – Octavio Paz]

     Now, there’s no one Up There to blame. Can we get Him back, please? 13 more words