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"Port-a-Soul" / Memorable Fancies #1279

[“take your soul with you, / nobody wants it” – Brian Patten]

        So I took my soul with me. At first, I was glad to have it for company, strolling in the noonday sun or lying around at night, but soon it became a bore, tedious with admonitions, heavy with accusations. 23 more words


"Regret" / Memorable Fancies #1272

[“Power is afraid of itself, and fear corrodes each day.” – Roberto Calasso]

God is afraid of what He might do in a fit of anger at observing the repeated sins of His people, like cover the earth with water or consume it in flames. 94 more words


"The Final Heresy" / Memorable Fancies #1251

[“Rheterians – A sect of heretics. They approved of all the heresies before them and taught that they were all in the right.” – Encyclopædia Britannica, 1769] 73 more words


"I Made This" / Memorable Fancies #1243

[“I made this, I have forgotten / And remember.” – T.S. Eliot]

      Sometimes I think I made the world – my world, anyway, perhaps not yours as well – and other times I think that the world was here long before I came and I’ve done nothing but watch the billiard balls of cause and chance collide, carom to their destined pockets. 16 more words


"Watching" / Memorable Fancies #1236

[“in hell, / where there is nothing to do / but see–” – Louise Glück]

In hell, to be the eternal spectator of others, yourself silent, motionless, unchanged. 27 more words


"Leftovers" / Memorable Fancies #1223

[“The soul is what’s wanted, the body they’re allowed to keep.” – Nietzsche]

       Perhaps our souls were taken from us at birth, the hungry god wandering from place to place ravenously seeking newborns. 44 more words


"Tourists in Hell" / Memorable Fancies #1216

[“In Hades, the shades of the dead repeat the same gesture ad infinitum.” – Sergio Agamben]

     What this gesture means had been a mystery to tourists and casual visitors such as myself. 69 more words