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"Pulling Our Strings" / Memorable Fancies #1566

[“We represent on earth as we are in heaven” – W.S. Merwin]

We are the self-marionettes, the self-puppets. No one else can pull our strings – we do this just as dreadfully, ourselves, as the heavenly puppet-master would. 7 more words


"The Second God" / Memorable Fancies #1508

[“…the land not worthy of a second God…” – Thomas Bernhard]

I guess we got off easy – here, there’s only one.


A Dystheist Creed

“I’d rather be nothing.” – Alien 3

A dystheist * belief: There is a God; atheists vainly wish there were not. God is a farmer, and the crop he’s raising is souls – human souls being the tastiest, if a bit tart. 46 more words


"The God Arrives" / Memorable Fancies #1468

There were so many violent rumblings in the earth, so many prophecies, so many voices shouting exultantly in the sky, that we were sure the great and awesome god had finally come at last. 54 more words


"The Datebooks of Angels" / Memorable Fancies #1364

[“I wrote my name in the datebooks of angels / And did not care if they were fallen.” – after Noelle Kocot]

In fact, the fallen angels are easier to get in touch with; they actually answer their phones once in a while. 16 more words


"Who Are You?" / Memorable Fancies #1350

[“How can it not know what it is?” – Blade Runner]

I’ve overheard them telling each other that I don’t know who I am. That I’m not “authentic.” 36 more words


"The Big Thing" / Memorable Fancies #1336

[“We live in the aftermath of the Event; everything – the Big Thing – has already happened.” – Slavoj Žižek]

There is an unspoken agreement among us: we will not speak of what happened, especially since there’s no way of undoing the Event, restoring our world, bringing back to life all those … all those we no longer speak of. 16 more words