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"I Made This" / Memorable Fancies #1243

[“I made this, I have forgotten / And remember.” – T.S. Eliot]

      Sometimes I think I made the world – my world, anyway, perhaps not yours as well – and other times I think that the world was here long before I came and I’ve done nothing but watch the billiard balls of cause and chance collide, carom to their destined pockets. 16 more words


"Watching" / Memorable Fancies #1236

[“in hell, / where there is nothing to do / but see–” – Louise Glück]

In hell, to be the eternal spectator of others, yourself silent, motionless, unchanged. 27 more words


"Leftovers" / Memorable Fancies #1223

[“The soul is what’s wanted, the body they’re allowed to keep.” – Nietzsche]

       Perhaps our souls were taken from us at birth, the hungry god wandering from place to place ravenously seeking newborns. 44 more words


"Tourists in Hell" / Memorable Fancies #1216

[“In Hades, the shades of the dead repeat the same gesture ad infinitum.” – Sergio Agamben]

     What this gesture means had been a mystery to tourists and casual visitors such as myself. 69 more words


"Your Spiritual Name" / Memorable Fancies #1189

[“Every Christian has two names – one corporeal, the other spiritual.” – Albert Camus]

       You seek to discover your spiritual name. The exercise is simple: you ask a friend to look you in the eye and read off all the words in the Dictionary of Adjectives, one at a time. 46 more words


“ ‘I shit you not’ ” / Memorable Fancies #1183

      Swearing is asking God to witness that what you say is true. (“I swears it!” – Gollum). Cursing is condemning someone to Hell. Both are risky, as the god sometimes listens, sometimes takes you at your word, sometimes wreaks vengeance or just arbitrarily fucks with you. 75 more words


"Forgiveness" / Memorable Fancies #1176

[“Time flows in strange ways on Sundays, and sights become mysteriously distorted.” Haruki Murakami]

     People move more slowly on Sundays. Some dress up and disappear into pointy-topped buildings. 32 more words