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Black Sheep Yorkshire Red

Appearance: Reddy brown, big head.

Aroma: Fruity and malty.

Taste: Malty, hint of treacle.

Score: 7.

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Now for the Airing of Grievances

Festivus may have come and gone, but I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re gonna hear about it!

Well,  not all of you. 672 more words

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Brutus, an MKE Brewing review.

Man, just seeing this beer makes me happy. It makes me think of the song by The Hives. If you haven’t heard it, go look it up. 226 more words


Anarchy Boot Boys

Appearance: Dark brown, creamy head.

Aroma: Malty

Taste: Malty, sweet brown ale, slight liquorice aftertaste.

Score: 6.5

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Wright's Mixed Grain bread mix.

Brown bread: it’s rhyming slang, you know. However much of the ruddy stuff (in my youth every slice of bread was brown Chorleywood) I ate it was always dull and uninspiring… 255 more words


The Dreary Brit - English Dark Mild

The Dreary Brit was brewed on 12/26/16 as part two of my double brew day along with Murky Waters Mango Shake, my take on a “milkshake” DIPA.   1,383 more words


Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA

Extra Ordinary? – I guess below average wouldn’t increase sales!

Appearance: Golden, slightly cloudy, big head.

Aroma: Dry, malty, spice

Taste: Spicy, malty, sweet finish, a bit sickly.

Score: 6

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