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Anarchy Boot Boys

Appearance: Dark brown, creamy head.

Aroma: Malty

Taste: Malty, sweet brown ale, slight liquorice aftertaste.

Score: 6.5

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Wright's Mixed Grain bread mix.

Brown bread: it’s rhyming slang, you know. However much of the ruddy stuff (in my youth every slice of bread was brown Chorleywood) I ate it was always dull and uninspiring… 255 more words


The Dreary Brit - English Dark Mild

The Dreary Brit was brewed on 12/26/16 as part two of my double brew day along with Murky Waters Mango Shake, my take on a “milkshake” DIPA.   1,383 more words


Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA

Extra Ordinary? – I guess below average wouldn’t increase sales!

Appearance: Golden, slightly cloudy, big head.

Aroma: Dry, malty, spice

Taste: Spicy, malty, sweet finish, a bit sickly.

Score: 6

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Robinson's Trooper 666

Iron Maiden Limited Edition. Good music, nice beer.

Appearance: Light brown, amber hint.

Aroma: Malty.

Taste: Strong hop, sweet malt after.

Score: 7

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Steam Box Tunnel Vision

Appearance: Medium brown, good head.

Aroma: Malty

Taste: Malty, slight bitter (beer), toffee finish.

Score: 7.5

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Hacker-Pshorr Munchner Kellerbier

Try saying that after a few.

Appearance: Golden, massive head.

Aroma: Strong lager

Taste: Strong, malty, lager

Score: 7

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