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Is proof of ownership of the confiscated marijuana necessary?

In her defense, appellant averred that the packages she was carrying did not belong to her but to a neighbor who had asked her to carry the same for him. 374 more words


Statolatry I: José Rizal is your god and your god hates chickens

There are two concepts which describe an action, used (or at least should be used) in the construction of the laws:

malum in se… 1,159 more words



That’s a malum prohibitum if ever Bear Lawyer saw one, and he will gladly pay the fine for defacing public property if it means that he has helped (an unsuspecting hiker or camper) to feed but one peckish bear.

Bear Lawyer

Albino Co vs. Court of Appeals (G.R. No. 100776. October 28, 1993)

ALBINO S. CO, petitioner,

Antonio P. Barredo for petitioner.

The Solicitor General for the people. 325 more words

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LDS and Immigration

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Compassion, Immigration, and Law and Order

By Ken K. Gourdin 

Author’s Note:  Another contributor to the Mormon Dialogue and Discussion Board expressed angst over the position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with respect to immigration as expressed in the following linked press release, last accessed today: … 684 more words

Estrada vs. Sandiganbayan

Estrada vs. Sandiganbayan
G.R. No. 148560. November 19, 2001

Petitioner: Joseph Ejercito Estrada
Respondents: Sandiganbayan (Third Division) and People of the Philippines
Ponente: J. Bellosillo… 227 more words


A Defense Against Dumb Laws?

Source: srqpix

After doing some reading about dumb laws and how they come about, I found some interesting information about defending oneself if ever charged with breaking one of these laws: 229 more words

Dumb Laws