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My ten years love story with Malunggay

Sometime in 2008, there’s this guy who approaches me to join his MLM business. His product was a medicinal juice made up of several local vegetables of which one is malunggay. 697 more words


How I find healing on my menstrual headache

Before I reach the age of 40, symptoms of hormonal imbalances including headache after menstruation became obvious to me. It wasn’t bothersome that time, it’s just a bit uncomfortable but manageable. 646 more words


Homemade Moringa Tea

Malunggay is a common vegetable in the Philippines. It is also known as horse-radish tree or Ben oil tree in English, its scientific name is Moringa oleifera. 331 more words


Mung (Mungo) Beans, Sweet Potato and Malunggay Leaves

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Going bazinga with Moringa

I have been working overseas for 11 years in a West African country.  And for the first five years, I have always been hit with malaria. 521 more words


Moringa Powder and Flakes Pack A Punch

Just when I thought I’ve tried Malunggay in every form there is – in its raw state added to soup, in capsule, part of a chocolate drink concoction, added to a brownie, and  in tea bags. 305 more words

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