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Moringa (Malunggay) & its Health Benefits

Wondering what Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera is all about? For so many Filipinos down south, we call it a green leafy vegetable that is best for Tinola or Ginataang Mongo. 427 more words

Alternative Medicines

Be a Halaman

The modern term for people without emotions, numb of pain and is living for the mere reason of nothing but self-survival. Walang feelings. walang emosyon, walang kalibog-libig sa katawan … pero minsan kailangan diligan. 411 more words

Recipe: Mussel Soup with Moringa

Tinola is a staple Filipino soup dish that uses any kind of protein, like chicken, pork, or seafood. My favorite kind of this dish is tinolang tahong, which uses mussels. 247 more words


Why cooking a highly nutritious Filipino style chicken soup is the best birthday gift I can give my wife as she turned thirty two

Two days ago, my wife turned thirty two and I prepared something I knew she would love right on her natal day. I was cooking a traditional Filipino dish called “ 621 more words

Wonderful Parenting Experience

Day 63 Alternative to Matcha powder: Moringa powder

Hi there!

In my previous blog post “Day 61 Tea Bag Latte”, I shared how to make latte out of any tea from tea bags. And what inspired me for that is Matcha/Green tea latte. 147 more words

The Moringa Tree is Mama's Companion

Moringa leaves, the best nursing supplement available on the market?

Moringa has been clinically proven to boost the production of breast milk whether it is consumed before or after the birth of a baby. 441 more words