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Be Safe on Black Friday

Black Friday is the name bequeathed to the Friday after American Thanksgiving. It has traditionally kicked off the the end of year shopping period in north America, the famed day of shopping extravaganza has now spread globally. 341 more words


The Rise of Malvertising

Malicious software, or malware, is being disseminated via contaminated online adverts. Hackers have been taking advantage of inherent flaws found in Adobe Flash that have caused many companies to move away from its implementation. 156 more words


Nigerians plagued by mobile malware

Nigerians rank third on the global list of those victimized by mobile malware. According to Kaspersky Lab’s Q3 report, 16% Nigerian smartphone users have fallen prey to hidden malicious mobile software. 476 more words


PageFair analytics hacked and used to distribute malware on Halloween

First, the trick: on Halloween night, PageFair got hit by a Trojan masquerading as an Adobe Flash update.

Then, the treat: the company managed to eschew… 520 more words


Facebook to boost engagement with new recursive Like feature

24 October 2015 – San Jose, CA

Mark Zuckerburg announced today that Facebook will soon allow its users  to “Like” another user’s “Like” on their own or another timeline. 648 more words


Malvertising meets the Daily Mail

Love it or hate it, if you’re an Anglophone, you’ve probably heard of it.

The UK’s Daily Mail, or, more precisely, the web-based Mail Online, is said to be the world’s busiest… 830 more words


Cyber Threat Report: Malvertising and Watering Holes

Written by: Christopher Furton

Originally posted at: http://christopher.furton.net/blog
Photo credit: Security Affairs.co

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Christopher Furton – Cybersecurity Threat Brief: Malvertising and Watering Holes

  1. Evolution of technology leans to more and more web-based usage › HTML5 applications › Software-as-a-Service  Business involvement in Social Media › Increase reliance on Facebook, twitter, and other social sites for customer interactions › Brand development and growth for reasonable cost  It is all about the Web.
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