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When you hack others without knowing it

It’s not always about you. Sometimes hackers attack your network just to use it to attack other people. They’re not after your data or your money, and they’ll do everything they can to avoid you noticing so they can carry on using your resources. 358 more words


Adblockers are "censorship" says ad-tech company

Recent research by ad-tech company Oriel has found that adblocking is actually doing more than simply blocking ads.

Adblocking is, they say, a “blunt instrument” that’s causing error messages on websites and leading to important content disappearing from things like airline check-ins, cookie policies and order-tracking pages. 432 more words

Security Threats

Massive malvertising attack poisons 288 sites

A malvertising campaign has swamped most of the Netherlands’ most popular sites, affecting millions of users.

The campaign began to take root on Sunday, when… 532 more words


Start up: self-driving trucks, Gen Z grapples with email, AI (lack of) manners, BB10 is a zombie, and more

Dual cameras (on the Huawei P9): perhaps only coming to the iPhone 7 Plus? Photo by portalgda on Flickr.

Tell your friends (and enemies) to…

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Crypto ransomware infects ads on well-known sites

[UPDATE] How to prevent gpg.exe (crypto ransomware executable) from executing on users machines.  Add this GPO to your necessary organizational units.

Over the last couple of years we have heard about organizations attacked by crypto ransomware.   297 more words


Brave will pay you to see ads with its ad-blocking browser

Adblocking users want anonymity, privacy and security. Online content publishers, for their part, have been trying to squirm out from under adblockers since they hit the scene. 868 more words


Top sports websites unleash foul play in the enterprise

If you are not familiar with March Madness (because I guess you live under a rock — or don’t live in the U.S.), it’s a single-elimination college basketball tournament played each spring, featuring 68 teams competing for one championship title. 649 more words