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Build your own computer defence shield: security infographic

Build your own computer defence shield: security infographic for you to print out and keep:

This security infographic will offer you a few pointers when beefing up the security of your network. 22 more words


Pornhub bug bounty program will pay hackers up to $25,000

Adult website Pornhub now has something in common with Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other titans of technology – a bug bounty program to reward ethical hackers. 368 more words

Data Loss

Reddit moderators consider ban on links to sites that block adblockers

Moderators of Reddit’s popular Technology subreddit may give websites that block adblockers a reason to reconsider.

In a post published on Sunday, a moderator named creq said the /r/technology moderators are… 641 more words


Adblock Plus to let us tip sites to make up for not enduring ads

Sites that rely on advertising for revenue have tried all sorts of things to keep adblockers from letting that money leak away: paywalls, subscription models, … 812 more words


When you hack others without knowing it

It’s not always about you. Sometimes hackers attack your network just to use it to attack other people. They’re not after your data or your money, and they’ll do everything they can to avoid you noticing so they can carry on using your resources. 358 more words


Adblockers are "censorship" says ad-tech company

Recent research by ad-tech company Oriel has found that adblocking is actually doing more than simply blocking ads.

Adblocking is, they say, a “blunt instrument” that’s causing error messages on websites and leading to important content disappearing from things like airline check-ins, cookie policies and order-tracking pages. 432 more words

Security Threats

Massive malvertising attack poisons 288 sites

A malvertising campaign has swamped most of the Netherlands’ most popular sites, affecting millions of users.

The campaign began to take root on Sunday, when… 532 more words