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El plan de seguridad informática se describe cómo se implementan la seguridad, las políticas definidas, las medidas y los procedimientos. El plan de seguridad informática se desarrolla sobre la base de los recursos informáticos en dependencia de los niveles de seguridad alcanzados y de los aspectos que queden por cubrir. 1,867 more words

Ciber Seguridad General

Threat of Cyber Attacks in Smart Cities

Smart cities are outcome of integration of technologies with new or existing urban landscapes. There is going to be a paradigm shift of what we experience and what we come to expect from the cities around us. 1,967 more words

Smart Cities

How one can defend the Malware??

Resuming the previous post, I would say: there are still similar types of ‘ransomwares’ with different identities. Further,let me show some steps on how we can avoid these kinds of attacks. 175 more words


Why you shouldn't use cleaning or housekeeping apps

I don’t often get unsolicited emails asking me to recommend Mac products in my articles, either here or those which I write for MacFormat. But I was surprised yesterday morning to see just that: encouraging me to praise a free ‘cleaning’ or ‘housekeeping’ tool. 725 more words


Basic hunting for malware in your environment

If you do not have the luxury of owning a enterprise grade tool capable of pulling down MD5 hashes of files on your endpoints, then you need to rely on the likes of Powershell to somehow automate the process. 584 more words

Cerber Ransomware

Do you know … you’re surrounded by the latest swallowing threat?? Can you guess? If you’re a regular computer user or connected to internet or with any business; possibly you may at least hear about viruses.. 222 more words


Big Phishing/Ransomware Campaign Aimed at Amazon Users

Ooof. A big phishing campaign was aimed at Amazon users. “Fatih Orhan, director of technology at Comodo and the Comodo Threat Research Labs, said the attack occurred on May 17 and lasted about 12 hours and is estimated to have pushed out as many as 30 million spam messages purporting to be an update from Amazon on a shipping order. 37 more words

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