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If you’re using an ad-blocker like AdBlock Plus (you should be!), and a page tells you that you need to disable your ad-blocker to see the content, it’s time to leave that page, and not return until they change their policy. 249 more words

Radians College: What Is Going On With that Web Site?

I have a bunch of Google Alerts aimed at getting information on new pages from .edu sites. Because of that, I occasionally get information about spam on a page via an abandoned software installation or PHP injection. 341 more words


Beware ransomware!

Most people know that our computers can get viruses and that makes them work slower or even shuts them down completely. Since that is usually the extent to which our knowledge extends we place an anti-virus on our laptops and cringe every time it pops up to tell us “everything’s clear” or to ignore it when it screams “threat detected.” 285 more words


Ransomware 101: The Basics

Hackers have employed countless money-making schemes in the past, the most recent being ransomware infections. No doubt that you’ve probably heard that word “ransomware” thrown around a lot in the past year, but what exactly does it mean? 296 more words

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An Electric Utility Hit By Ransomware

It reads like the premise for a science-fiction novel: an electric utility hit by ransomware. “While the electricity and water supply are still running in Lansing, MI, Lansing personnel don’t have access to their corporate server computer files and their telephone system. 33 more words

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Takeaways from Fixing a Hacked Site

At last month’s Metro Detroit WordPress meetup, Seth Alling presented on hacked sites, discussing the causes and what you can do to prevent your site from being hacked. 539 more words

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