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Triton Antagonist Disrupts Ics Operations, While Botching Attack To Account Concrete Accident

A blackmail amateur with accessible nation-state abetment afresh disrupted operations at a analytical basement ability back aggravating to reprogram a arrangement acclimated for ecology the assurance of automated systems (ICS) at the location, appliance custom malware. 792 more words

Attackers accomplishment old WordPress to inject sites with cipher enabling armpit redirection, takeover

Attackers accomplishment old WordPress to inject sites with cipher enabling armpit redirection, takeover

Attackers accept exploited an old WordPress vulnerability to affect added than one thousand websites with malware able of injecting malvertising and alike creating a rogue admin user with abounding admission privileges, according to researchers. 235 more words

'We were just lucky': Cybersecurity chief on attacks in Singapore in 2017

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: While companies and agencies in Singapore – including the defence ministry – suffered network security breaches this year, the country escaped the brunt of global malware attacks like the Wannacry ransomware attack. 686 more words

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Prilex and Cutlet Maker ATM malwares abnormally ambition users

Two different ATM malware families accession affair of what’s to appear

Trend Micro advisers spotted two ATM malware families one of which, Prilex, uses awful targeted attacks to annex cyberbanking applications and another, Cutlet Maker, which is a adjustable standalone appliance for elimination the ATM’s safe. 343 more words

Necurs rides 12 actor email attack move up Most Wanted Malware list


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The use of the Necurs botnet to advance Scarab ransomware over the Thanksgiving anniversary helped actuate Necurs up several places on Check Point’s Ten Most Wanted Malware account for November. 260 more words

New OSX.Pirrit Malware floods Mac devices with ads; spies on users

Security firm Cybereason’s principal security researcher Amit Serper has discovered an invasive OSX.Pirrit adware variant that has been launched to target macOS so that attackers could invade and completely hijack any Mac computer. 382 more words


Trick for quick reverse engineering of JavaScript malware

Most JavaScript malware authors try to obfuscate their code by adding a lot of unused code as well as randomized variable names and simple encoding and decoding fucntions. 294 more words

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