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Security News This Week: Yahoo Got Hacked Again. No, Seriously

(Source: www.wired.com)

It was a busy week in security, but aren’t they all these days! It’s always something when yet another Yahoo hack ends up somehow not even cracking the top news. 553 more words


Apple pushes silent update to XProtect from XAgent and MacDownloader, but forgets Flash

Apple pushed out a silent update to the XProtect security data files yesterday, 18 February 2017, which should apply to both Sierra and El Capitan. 222 more words


Malicious Assured Destruction: Cold War to Cyber War


In this episode of The Aidan Project, Aidan is joined on the line from Israel by Ran Levi, an accomplished science author and podcaster. In this episode, Aidan and Ran discuss Ronald Reagan’s ambitious Strategic Defence Initiative, known as ‘Star Wars’, which came to prominence towards the end of the Cold War. 174 more words


Next-gen security software: Myths and marketing

The Age of Dinosaurs

There is a view of the current security market that is often recycled by the media these days. It assumes a split between ‘first-gen(eration)’ or ‘traditional’ (or even ‘fossil’ or ‘dinosaur’) malware detection technology – which is invariably claimed to rely on reactive signature detection – and (allegedly) superior technologies using ‘next-gen(eration)’ signature-less detection. 2,152 more words

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ipfilterX Codename Whydah

>Date 17/02/2017


-Blocked Threats: 80
-Updated Threats: 4
-IP Added Record: +11k


>Parsed lines/entries:22K Found IP ranges:22K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs… 89 more words

Live from RSA Conference 2017: How machine-learning helps fight malware

If you’re across the Atlantic or couldn’t get to RSA, we’re bringing RSA to you via Facebook Live.

In his presentation, Sophos product management director Russell Humphries talks about how machine learning will change the battle against malware. 58 more words


When deception is a good thing

By Nick Mirabile, director of cybersecurity

In 2013, a pro-Assad group known as the Syrian Electronic Army hacked into the Associated Press’ Twitter account and… 660 more words