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Seeking Treachery in a Questionably Sourced Phone

Have you ever considered sourcing an off-brand phone from the China markets? Why, or what stopped you? The answer is data and identity. You are trusting both when you decide to use a smartphone. 268 more words

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Live Webinar: Ransomware - Five Reasons You’re Not As Protected As You Think

Ransomware is the number one threat to an organization’s data. These malware programs infiltrate an organization and encrypt every file they can access. The only way to unencrypt the data is pay a fee to the malware creator. 168 more words


8 years of Android: malware, malicious apps, and how to stay safe

At eight years old, Android is hugely popular. Both with users and attackers

Happy Birthday Android! It has been eight years since the Android project was officially released and introduced to the public – on September 23rd 2008 to be exact. 713 more words

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Know the different types of viruses

A virus is a software that replicates itself and spreads into a device to damage or delete files. Viruses can usually enter a device via attached images, greetings, audio/video files, downloads, etc. 295 more words

Top CyberSecurity News For 24th September 2016

  1. Why the silencing of KrebsOnSecurity opens a troubling chapter for the ‘Net. From Ars Technica. 

    For the better part of a day, KrebsOnSecurity, arguably the world’s most intrepid source of security news, has been silenced, presumably by a handful of individuals who didn’t like a recent series of exposés reporter Brian Krebs wrote.

  2. 99 more words

Street Fighter V Update Pulled Because It Made PCs Vulnerable To Malware

(Source: kotaku.com)

Thursday night’s Street Fighter V update added stage KOs, among other things, like Express Men’s bad-ass, Urien, and a little thing called Versus CPU mode. 320 more words


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Number two son comes to me with his brand new laptop already strangled by malware. It’s the type of malware that tells you your computer is infected with malware, to click-here for the solution and to have your payment details handy. 871 more words