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National Pup Day

Happy National Pup Day!

All three of our pups hold a special place in my heart & each has such a distinct personality. “They” (meaning general society) said I wouldn’t love them the same after I had Dawson- and they would “just be dogs”- but let me tell you- all three of my pups are my babies JUST like Dawson & my favorite thing ever is watching them all play together! 946 more words

Mama To A T1D Toddler

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way


Have you ever had one of those “waiting for the next shoe to drop” moments. The moments where you are grateful and happy and content, but terrified. 758 more words

Mama To A T1D Toddler

Two Infinity and Beyond

This past year… well really the past couple years… have not happened exactly “as planned.” You think I’d know by know that God has bigger and better plans for our lives that never… 852 more words

Mama To A T1D Toddler

The pup and toddler show

Anyone that follows us on Instagram knows that Remy is our life saver. God knew what we needed in the middle of total chaos- fixing to sell our house, Dawson just turning one, already having 2 pups in a house not big enough for Weimaraners… one basically being a miniature house, not to mention all of Dawson’s new toys from his birthday. 841 more words

Mama To A T1D Toddler

Flipped, Turned Upside Down

“Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down”

Yes, that’s the Fresh Prince intro and I don’t know if it’s because I am sleep deprived or because I use to sing that song every morning as a kid watching the show but it’s been on repeat in my head since I thought about how our “new normal” just got flipped upside down yesterday. 962 more words

Mama To A T1D Toddler

Top 3 Rules & a Dawson Update

As our house is starting to get trimmed out (and we are still staying safe at home), I have a had a lot of time on my hands.. 1,109 more words

Mama To A T1D Toddler

Type 1, Toddlers and COVID-19

Sick days are different for a diabetic. Especially for a diabetic toddler that can’t verbalize how he feels. They are really scary as a mom of a type 1 toddler, because I know, somethings can land us back in the hospital. 1,014 more words

Mama To A T1D Toddler