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Noah’s 9 Month Update

Only 3 months until Noah’s 1st birthday… where is the time going?! 🙈

This month Noah has generally been waking once a night for a feed, and the last couple of nights he has slept through (long may that continue 🙏🏻)! 259 more words

Being a QUEEN and Mom

This will be my first official post and I’m excited to start sharing my Journey as not only a momma but a beautiful black mother in today’s society. 101 more words


My take on Meditation

Meditation. A powerful state of flow right? I have spent so long trying to learn meditation. Sometimes I go ok. Other times is just like “shaylie, WTF are you even trying to do”. 394 more words


A piece of steak...

Putting sous vide to work again tonight all because steaks were on sale. I remembered back in the day, we only ate steak on special occasions, mostly on weekends. 11 more words


Ditch the Diaper Bag! Essentials that Fit in Your Purse

When I was pregnant with Jackson, I scoured Pinterest and pinned over and over again all the things that I needed when I walked out of the house.  595 more words

March Challenge ~ Day 20: MAMA.

11 words to describe your happy box:

  • Loving
  • Hardworking
  • Crazy
  • Sunny
  • Supportive
  • Annoying (from time to time…)
  • Fun
  • Caring
  • Patient (kinda very, very, very patient)
  • Complicated
  • Cheerful

remember me

This past November we took Giles to see Coco at the movie theater. He was eighteen-months-old at the time. This past Saturday Giles went to see it again, at a special screening with his Nana and Granddad. 117 more words

My Daily Art