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7•3 | high five for friday!


first of all, i’m grateful this week.  i was involved in a car accident this past friday.  it was probably the scariest moment of my life, and i’m so grateful that i made it out okay with just some bumps and bruises.   354 more words

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Who I am? Motherhood is a start...

Its the thing we do these days, blogs…
Who am I? What makes my heart race? What is “my hill to die on”? What is the reality of my heart? 396 more words


Mom to Single Mom.

First off I want to give huge props to all the single mothers and fathers that have never had help raising their babies. You, are a straight up super hero. 542 more words


I Am The Daughter Of Foreigners

On the day I went to the Secretary of State’s office to renew my driver’s license, the room was packed with people.  I took a number and then chose the first vacant seat that I saw in the waiting area.  950 more words


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America Ferrara - you are awesome....  Here is her letter regarding Donald Trump's comments on immigrants: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/america-ferrera/thank-you-donald-trump_b_7709126.html I had to reblog my post to support her letter. There are plenty of immigrants who are a positive addition to this country. My parents were great examples of living the American Dream. They made sacrifices, struggled and eventually, succeeded in this country.

My iPod #523: Alexisonfire - "Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama"

The video isn’t really eight and a half minutes by the way. Someone messed up on their part.

I think this song is awesome simply because it is about go-karting.  270 more words


Featured Artist of the Week -- Lunchmoney Lewis

Lunchmoney Lewis is 🔥. His debut EP is nothing short of fantastic. All four of his songs are different, showing his diversity in a single genre. 45 more words