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I have it! 

And it’s time for my diaper bag review!

I’ve just received the diaper bag I ordered from Studio Romeo. It is as beautiful as shown on their website!! 430 more words

Mama Bear

Corporate America- Sorry for Sharing My Pink Eye

Both of my kids are in daycare full time. They either catch or carry every virus/infection known to man.

This week, I’m lucky enough to have caught pink eye. 96 more words


A neat freak odyssey

Hear ye, hear ye!

I have found the perfect diaper bag that doesn’t look like one…I’ve been looking for one ever since I gave birth to little A and had our first outing, realised a normal bag wasn’t enough for a control freak like me who like things neat and organised. 413 more words

Mama Bear

Haircuts - My 3 year old’s biggest struggle

My toddler, like many others, hates getting his hair cut. It is normally a big production that includes kicking, screaming, and lots of tears.

His last hair cut was less than a month ago, and he screamed so much that we left the top longer and just got out of there. 157 more words


5 Ways to keep your kids busy when you’re snowed in

We live in the northeast, and we got hit with a snow/ice storm last night into this morning. While I am thankful all of my friends and family stayed safe, it also means our little family was snowed in for an entire Saturday! 337 more words


Number One.

Hello! My name is Kelsey. I am 26 years old, a mother, a fiance, a nurse and lover of books. I have two girls. Lacey, my stepdaughter ( 337 more words


Work Sucks after Christmas “Break”

Today was our first day back after our Christmas break. No work or daycare for 12 straight days!!!

Needless to say this morning was… 110 more words