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When Mambo Was King

Most dance students today view mambo as a minor dance, but 60 years ago, mambo, both the music and the dance, was sweeping the country. 285 more words

Happy Birthday to a Great Dancer!

Jerome Lester Horowitz would have turned 111 today, were he still living. One of the underappreciated dancers in Hollywood, he was incredibly light on his feet. 32 more words


Phone Calls

Last night, he was keeping me company on the phone as I waited for my family to watch a movie. Our conversation was roughly two and a half hours of him talking about battles in Empire Total War. 120 more words


TBT: A Stain on the History of Music

And it’s not even one of those “so bad it’s good” songs. It’s just a total sensory¬†apocalypse.

Happy TBT!


Gangnam Style - Yay or Ughhhhhhh?

Personally, I kind of like this song. The artist, PSY, says the whole point is to,

“dress classy, dance cheesy.”

It has gained oodles and oodles of popularity as of late, and I find it’s pretty infectious.

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Dance Cheesy

Mambo Berry

What does yogurt have to do with mambo? In Austin, Texas quite a bit. My favorite yogurt vendor is back in town and the spectacular green tea yogurt is just as great as ever, especially with bananas, strawberries and walnuts. 55 more words