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Mamma Mia! Here They Go Again!

*******WARNING: Issa Rant********

Here they go again. For those of you who are blissfully unaware of the plot of the musical turned movie, Mamma Mia! … 728 more words

Mamma Mia: The Perfect Treat For A Cold Winter Night

A lot of people say that theatre is a great form of escapism and I have to agree. Great theatre can take you to another place, take you away from any troubles and transform your mood. 945 more words

Mamma Mia The Musical

The latest Australian cast for Mamma Mia are currently playing The Capitol Theatre.

I had never seen the stage production, but had seen the movie. I absolutely adored the stage production, and I highly recommend if you are a Mamma Mia or ABBA fan get yourself a ticket ASAP. 13 more words


Anti-Brand: Salvatore Ferragamo

There is no limit to beauty, no saturation point in design, no end to the material. -Salvatore Ferragamo.


Post #9: Byzy mixing ABBA with Jane Austen

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written here and I apologize for that. Family Day and being a sickie took over life for a bit, but the coughing and sneezing has subsided enough now to get down to work! 203 more words

SF9: Mamma Mia Review

Boy group SF9 have been through their fair share of concept changes thus far, but the retro “Mamma Mia” may be their most striking look yet. 312 more words



The South Korean boyband SF9 are back with “Mamma mia” and a new mini album.

SF9 have just released their new mini album and the title song of it “Mamma mia”. 42 more words