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Animal Sketches!

I realised the other day that I haven’t done many drawings in a while (to be honest, I haven’t really done¬†any art of late), and so made it my goal to do some drawing over the weekend. 25 more words


Noodle-Tongued Pangolins

Quick Facts

Class: Mammalia
Conservation Status: Critically Endangered
Found: Tropical regions throughout Africa and Aisa
Size: 30 – 100cm
Weirdest Features: Super-scaley, smelly like a skunk and loooooong noodle-like tongue! 710 more words


The smallest mammal

Shews are the smallest kind of mammal. Some weigh less than once ounce. A shrew looks like a mouse with long snout, but it is not closely related to rodents.  17 more words