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Apparition: My First Hare

You never forget your first sighting of an animal. My first hare happened completely by chance.

I was at Brockholes just last month, crouching to tie my shoelace, and when I looked up it was there. 72 more words


Sleepy Time

Isn’t my cat a cutie?? She just loves to cuddle! (Also enjoy my various stuffed animals in the background) 😂


Red Panda

This is my final picture from the Philadelphia Zoo, a cuddly one for a Friday.

I had no idea this was a panda. I thought it was a huge fox or something. 31 more words


Struggling Stripes

Amur Tigers (panthera tigris altaica) are the biggest of the tigers, and tigers are the biggest of the big cats, making Amur Tigers the biggest of the big. 84 more words

See the Sea

Okay, I’ve been overwhelmed and outraged at the amount of climate change deniers that have come out of the wood work lately. Let’s just talk about just one of the many pieces of global climate change: rising sea levels. 203 more words


In the spirit of a buckeye win, let’s talk about bucks! Actually, when picking the university’s mascot in 1965, they contemplated being the Ohio State Bucks, but since mascots at that time were live animals brought into the stadium, the buck idea was thrown out due to its impracticality. 167 more words