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There are 13 species of otters and there have been many stories surrounding these creatures that date back to the early times of mythology. Some cultures honour the otter and many native Americans featured this animal on their totem poles – a sign that they honoured it. 23 more words



Warthogs are very sturdy animals and males can weigh over 110 kilograms. They are distinguished by the large, disproportionate ‘warts’ on either side of the head. 58 more words


写真の赤い狼 (Pictures of the Red Wolf)

I set this section aside specifically for this Red Wolf named ‘Willow.’ Willow is a beautiful red wolf residing at the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens. Willow was also kind of shy and never stayed out for long until some came to give Willow some food. 54 more words


Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion

My Experience :- It was an animal which was on my wishlist since my childhood, finally got this shot at Lion Safari, Vasona. This adult male was declared dead after 3 weeks of this shot. 63 more words