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Deer Mound Dog Off Leash Park

I visited another place I’d like to revisit with a little more time! It’s got a lot of open forest floor that’s a lot more conducive to exploration than really dense vegetation. 25 more words


Sea Lion Barker – September 2017 #2

Comedy, KPCC and Gala

Ladies and gentlemen! Jolly Pops here, your Flip Flop Event Captain. Are you enjoying these scintillating snapshots from the scrapbook of life at MMCC Los Angeles? 777 more words

Office Puppy

Today’s friend is a frequent visitor. She is a sweet puppy named Sila. Only 3months old, this tiny girl has all of the love. She is a papillon and will only get to be about 9lbs. 30 more words


Have you seen the Long-nosed Bandicoot?

Did you know that the Whittlesea municipality supports habitat for Long-nosed Bandicoots? This medium-sized nocturnal marsupial (about the size of a rabbit) has grey-brown fur, a short thin tail, pointy ears, and as the name suggests, a long nose. 451 more words

Native Animals


He always looks at me with those sad puppy eyes… The puppy biting is still bad but we’re working on it. We have one more puppy shot appointment this month and then we’re free and clear from the vet for a little while. 10 more words

Lesser Dog-faced Fruit Bats

“Cute looking” fruit bats, Cynopterus brachyotis, just hanging at the ceiling of the visitor center at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, Singapore. Easy to miss them if you did not look up! 13 more words