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Out volunteering I snapped a pics of the landscape and some cows :) 72 more words

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Beaver Fact of the Week: Beaver meat counts as fish?

Technically, beavers are a mammal due to their milk producing abilities, fur/hair, and method of giving birth (live births as opposed to laying eggs). However, that didn’t stop the Roman Catholic Church from declaring beaver a fish during the 17th century. 171 more words


A soft animal body

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body

Love what it loves.”

A favourite quote, taken from Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese. I like the acceptance, and the allowance in the idea of ‘the soft animal of your body’. 418 more words


High-tech analysis of proto-mammal fossil clarifies the mammalian family tree

The stereotypical picture of mammals during the age of the dinosaurs was that of tiny furry critters that scurried around in the dark, hiding from their reptilian overlords. 894 more words

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Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis)

Probably the rarest mammal that I’ve photographed to date is the beautiful Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis). This wolf has a lovely reddish-coloured coat and distinctive white markings. 50 more words