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Walking With(out) Kyan

One of these days I’ll get to explore the route I traveled today with my young neighbor, Kyan, who is recovering from a blood marrow transplant. 1,041 more words


Red Deer@Lyme Park

Lyme Park in Derbyshire is a beautiful place to walk and a great place to see Red Deer.   The main herd is clearly visible and, hidden in the long grass some distance from the herd, there are a small number of challenger stags… preparing to rut with the boss any day soon.



The White-nosed Coati is part of the raccoon family of mammals. They walk around with their noses down and long tail up high, foraging for food. 51 more words


Wildlife Service kills

GR:  This interactive map shows counts of bears, bobcats, mountain lions, and wolves killed by the U. S. government’s Wildlife Service.  The legend is on the “Layers” drop-down menu.  130 more words

Nature Conservation

Spotting and Tracking Mammals at Chan Chich

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything as exciting as a jaguar recently, but morning walks at the Lodge have been fruitful nonetheless. Mostly I look for birds, but any mammal… 525 more words


Seals - They'll have your arm off...

Back in June in my slightly abortive 30 Days Wild 2016 efforts, I took a bunch of photos of Grey Seals off the Cornish coast. I was meaning to get round to posting them, and a recent story about the danger seals present in St Ives gives me the perfect excuse… 385 more words