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Speed Date

Some Mondays we only have time for a quick trek. Such was the case today, so we walked down the  street and headed off on the trails in Pondicherry Park. 610 more words


Island Hopping

Off on a care-free holiday in . . . Lovell, Maine. What sets it apart is the variety of islands. And, I suppose, the ferry service between each. 665 more words


The Small Stuff

After conducting an interview in Auburn, I was itching to head outside–brilliant sunshine and temp in the 40s. Plus, it’s supposed to rain the next day or two. 700 more words


Close Encounter

Image 84 – “Close Encounter” – Grövelsjön, Dalarna – Sweden 2006


Sightings Along the Snowmobile Trail

Today’s walk began with a mystery. I actually first saw this about a week ago and wondered about it, but then it slipped my mind–a bone found at the base of a pine tree along one of the trails in our woodlot. 514 more words


My Native Land

As winter draws to a close, I head out to capture its fleeting moments. The snow is here today, and will be tomorrow, but it’s changing in texture and amount. 572 more words