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On Tippy Toes with Wonder

Snowshoes were a necessity this morning as I wandered, but with them came the constant sound of breaking glass as the frozen layer of ice atop the snow crackled with each  footstep. 616 more words


Like a Charm

White flakes floated earthward today and so I donned my snowshoes for the first time this season and joined the party.

Everywhere I looked, the world had transformed. 273 more words

Animal Sign

Christmas on Flat Hill

Two weeks ago the Greater Lovell Land Trust hosted a decorating party for the Fairs, Farms and Fun 4-H Group of Sweden along the trail to the summit of Flat Hill. 454 more words


Keeping Watch

My feet itched to move along the forest floor and so I followed them and wondered where they might lead.

The first stop was to examine tree leaf and flower buds packed inside their waxy scales where they will remain protected from the northerly winds until a date unknown. 433 more words



Pronghorns are found throughout western and central North America. Although, they resemble Old World antelopes, they are not of the antelope species. They are their own separate species and are deer-like in appearance and have hooves. 70 more words


The Mammals of East Gippsland

Full List of Mammals of East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

East Gippsland, Victoria has 72 native extant (living) mammal species.  They represent 26 families in 8 orders.   712 more words

East Gippsland