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Little Kitty - Kodkod

If you have never loved and been loved in return by a cat, I would argue that you have never really lived. The love you feel for a cat and the love that a cat gives to you is among the truest and purest form that love can take. 662 more words


It Don't Give a S**t! - Honey Badger

Yes, it’s finally time for one of the Internet’s most popular animals – the honey badger! Made famous by this video (warning, some language ). 788 more words


Jurassic saw fastest mammal evolution

Mammals were evolving up to ten times faster in the middle of the Jurassic than they were at the end of the period, coinciding with an explosion of new adaptations, new research shows. 580 more words


Evolution of our mammalian ancestor's ear bone detailed

It has long been believed that the hearing bone called stapes, one of the smallest bones in ancestor of mammals, shows no differences between species. 477 more words


Tiny King of the Desert - Southern Grasshopper Mouse

True or False:
All mice only eat seeds and other plant based food.

If you chose true, you’re wrong!

There is actually such thing as a carnivorous mouse! 922 more words


Arizona #Endangered Species: River Otters

The North American River Otter (Lontra Canadensis) is a dark brown, long-bodied, web-footed, big-whiskered mammal weighing between 10 and 30 pounds. Otters live in burrows beside streams, lakes, swamps, and ponds.   653 more words

Human Impact

A Day of Contrasts

Each time we climb Pleasant Mountain, the view differs–and so it was this morning. Haze sugar coated the summits beyond.

Green, blue, white, purple and gray melted into each other. 374 more words