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Rockstar of Radiology

This is probably TMI, so you may want to avert your eyes now and move onto some more appropriate, impersonal, less cancery corner of the internet while you have the chance. 384 more words


Koala Bears and Biopsies

Two summers ago at the San Diego Zoo, as we left the Elephant Odyssey and headed for the Outback, my cell phone rang.

It was my doctor’s office, and a chipper Nurse Erin asked, “Hi Jennifer, I was just wondering if you’ve had a chance to book your biopsy yet?” 656 more words


Those Seeking to Kill the Preborn are Deceiving Us

Mammograms are healthcare, abortion is not. Only under oath while testifying before Congress did Planned Parenthood admit the truth. It’s time to destroy their lies and deceit, it’s time to destroy Planned Parenthood.


Probably Benign



Probably Benign.

The two ominous words left on the report of my most recent mammogram.

Probably  and Benign.

What is a one time cancer patient suppose to think to feel to react to those two words left on her mammogram report? 531 more words

Breast Cancer, TNBC, Life After Treatment

Taking Care of Myself: BatFit 2016

Today was my annual mammogram/torture visit. Usually it’s a multiple-trip fun fest, due to my fibrocystitis (try saying that three times fast) and family history of cancer in general. 187 more words

Life In General


When I was younger, I almost enjoyed it. Invincible, I thought I was – or didn’t think as such: Just assumed, as most people do, that death and illness were so far in the future that they would not dare to intrude upon the now. 339 more words

Blow The Wind Southerly

Jenn X: Finding a lump, Part 2

You can find Part 1 here

Jenn X
LGBT Perspectives dating blogger

OTTAWA — So today was the day for both my mammogram and ultrasound. I arrive early as I was told to do. 398 more words

LGBT Issues