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Women Over 40

Five years ago this June, my calendar alert sounded to remind me that I had my annual OB/GYN appointment the next day, and while I don’t think there is a single woman alive who actively looks forward to that day each year, I was lucky in that I had a doctor I liked and trusted at a practice that was as comfortable as it could conceivably be considering the marginally-less-than medieval torture that seemed to go on in there. 1,146 more words


Old White Guys Make Decisions on Women's Health: Or, What's New?

One of the topics being discussed within the halls of the White House today in regards to the steaming pile of waste that is Trump Care was whether or not maternity care and mammograms are “essential” medical care and should be covered by all insurance policies. 543 more words


Mammograms and Divorce

Let’s see. Well a week ago today I stood before a judge and became officially unmarried to my husband, the father of my two young sons. 809 more words


Don't Be a Boob, Get a Mammogram...and an Ultra Sound...

Image courtesy of http://www.torontosun.com & the Ontario Health Ministry

Some years ago, just about three to be somewhat exact, I had and wrote about my very first mammogram… 832 more words

Sally Sighting #2

At the end of February I went to check on my kids in college and finish cleaning out my Ohio home.  There were a few small problem areas, let’s just say.   336 more words


A Little Poking, Prodding and Squishing

As you read this, I’m on my way home from vacation in the desert. Therefore you’re reading a post from  a couple years ago. This in no way implies it’s not worth reading again. 678 more words


Mammograms Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer, Here Are The Safe Alternatives For Breast Exams.


You may have heard that mammograms, the tests that are commonly used to detect breast cancer, can actually increase the risk cancer. Well, you’re not wrong! 1,446 more words