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Mammograms are scary

Well yes mammograms can be scary for anyone, but especially if you have already had one breast removed from cancer, it can be extremely nerve wracking which Was the case for me. 72 more words

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One Thing About Me #Essay #Writing Prompt

One thing I love about myself is that I’m healthy. I don’t smoke. I don’t consume alcoholic beverages of any kind. I drink only one can of Dr. 449 more words

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Screening medical tests- desirable or distracting

Both doctors and patients have mixed emotions about diagnostic tests done to screen for disease. We physicians want to help patients stay healthy, prevent disease, and treat problems early and effectively.But the time spent counselling, ordering, performing, and reviewing these tests means less time available to manage patients’existing medical problems. 1,029 more words

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AI can spot breast cancer better than humans, study finds

Artificial intelligence programs can help to predict breast cancer better than humans, according to a new study.

Researchers used an AI program to retrospectively examine thousands of mammograms from U.S. 680 more words


Could Mammograms Screen for Heart Disease?

Could Mammograms Screen for Heart Disease?

By screening for breast cancer, mammography has helped save hundreds of thousands of lives. Using the test to also screen for heart disease might someday help save many thousands more. 744 more words

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Breast Cancer Isn't a Walk on the Beach

Retired teacher Marcia Young discusses bulldogs, beaches, and her breast cancer diagnosis. (Photo/Mara Nelms)

“Basically, Lucy’s my little angel.”

Marcia Young hugs her French Bulldog Lucy close to her. 636 more words