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New Research Highlights Benefits of 3D Mammography

When it comes to our health, more information is better. That’s why we use 3D mammography at Ella Health. This exam takes just seconds longer than a conventional mammogram, but it provides more data. 425 more words

3D Mammography

Mammograms and Thank You to My Friends

Mammograms are described as a noninvasive medical test. I think the word noninvasive needs to be re-evaluated. Having your breasts squished several times while you are instructed to stand still and hold your breath is invasive. 220 more words


B96 Cares! Mammograms Save Lives!

The ten year risk for breast cancer in a 40 year old woman is 1 in 69.

Studies show that regular mammograms cut breast cancer deaths by approximately a third in all women 40 and over. 32 more words

B96 Cares

Breast Cancer The Killer In Our Midst


Many women who develop breast cancer have significant vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Vitamin E has been proved to keep breast tissues less dense.Some of the causes of breast cancer include; Eating red meat which is linked with a threefold increased risk in breast cancer, being overweight, alcohol intake and taking contraceptive pills. 196 more words


Part 2 of all clear!

So after a week of incessantly reading (and fondling/scratching/looking at my left breast) and researching about some of the worst cancers that have “itching and redness” as the main symptom and becoming first convinced, that the coincidences are just to great I mean….. 606 more words


Wow. I guess I am ok, i’ll tell ya what a week of anxiety, and what a relief.

So here is the whole story.

I am contemplating cosmetic surgery, you know boobs and stuff. 600 more words


Making Sense of Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Written by: Julie McMahon | Director of Mission at Komen Columbus

In 2015, both the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released guidelines for the recommended age of regular mammography. 459 more words

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