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Life imitates science fiction: how will de-extinction change environmental policy?

Genetic modification and cloning may someday soon allow us to replicate species that have gone extinct. Scientists are already working to sequence the extinct woolly mammoth’s genome, in preparation for resurrecting it. 527 more words

STOP 3: Lakes discovered along the road trip

So here I am again, talking about my little adventures around my road trip in the US. So, yes I have to agree I have been gone for a while now. 393 more words


Lost Landscapes

Every day thousands of motorists stop at Strensham Services, by Junction 8 of the M5 motorway in south Worcestershire. Few are aware that, 200,000 years ago, Strensham was the final stop for a very different traveller: a young adult female Woolly Mammoth, about 20-25 years old. 260 more words


Mothers Day Mammoth Trip!

As you all know this weekend was Mothers Day, and my mom was dying to head up to mammoth to ski so since this weekend is all bout her we decided to head up to our condo in mammoth for a few days. 340 more words


5 strange things found frozen by people!

Ice and snow both are made of water and though ice is just frozen water and snow is frozen atmospheric vapour which falls on earth as tiny snow flakes, they both can freeze things. 366 more words

Family Drawing Challenge Weeks 1-4

Talk about procrastinating on a post @_@ ! Here are four weeks worth of drawings from the weekly family drawing challenge I started. They’re all prompts from the 300 Drawing Prompts Book. 76 more words