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Brigard Fact #81

Isolated populations of mammoths live far to the northwest of Brigard. The beasts stand roughly ten feet at the shoulder and live safely away from human populations, staying deep in the frozen Northlands. 46 more words


Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth

Scientists successfully splice Woolly Mammoth DNA into Elephants

Finally, after thousands of years (Or millions, depending which book you read) humanity has made its first step towards manifest destiny. 425 more words


Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth: The Genetic Age

A storm is coming; an ice storm, through which mammoths may once again roam and rumble.  For some years now scientists have toiled through a multitude of milestones, with the ultimate goal of bringing the beast of the Paleolithic; the Woolly Mammoth back to life. 1,245 more words
Science & Evolution

Return of the woolly mammoth: Scientists take giant step towards recreating extinct beast after inserting 14 genes into elephants

  • Scientists study structure of DNA from mammoths preserved in Arctic
  • Exact copies of 14 of animal’s genes integrated into elephant genome
  • New method ‘Crispr’ helps researchers make accurate changes to DNA

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Welcome to...Jurassic Park! A look at de-extinction

Michael Crichton captured one of our most essential characteristics in his science-fiction novel Jurassic Park; humans are inanely curious. Since the discovery of Wooly Mammoths frozen in ice and bones fossilized into the rocks, we have wondered if it was possible to bring a species back from extinction. 1,243 more words

South Florida Museum in Bradenton, Florida

This is what greets you as you walk into the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, Florida. The rotunda in the center has this giant skeleton of a Mammoth complete with tusks. 11 more words