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many ('맨.이), mammoth ('맴.어스)

many   [음’에은.이]   ‘맨.이

mammoth  [음’에음.어스]    ‘맴.어스

훈민졍 음성학

Mammoth Shreadability

For my four day weekend my family decided to head up to our condo in Mammoth, because they are having a record year for the amount of snow they have been getting. 574 more words


Bringing back the Woolly Mammoth and other nature stories

Scientists have revealed the prehistoric woolly mammoth is on the brink of de-extinction.

Researchers at Harvard are creating a hybrid embryo, using gene editing of the modern Asian elephant, which is endangered. 238 more words


Mastering Mammoth Mountain

This past weekend I went on a trip for President’s Day weekend to Mammoth Mountain.   Mammoth is a cool place to just chill and enjoy a mountain full of different slopes, food, and friends.   734 more words


Snow filled weekend in Mammoth!

Last weekend we had a four day weekend, so my family and I decided to head up to Mammoth to get some skiing in. The drive was about 8 hours, which isn’t that bad when I’m spending it with my family. 327 more words


The Walking Dead...

Mammoth’s to return to the surface of the earth thanks to science.

Thanks to the efforts of 20th Century Fox, mammoths have become a loveable and comical figure amongst children and lovers of animated film. 337 more words

Age Reversal

Wooo My Nose itches !
Snuffleupagus and Big Bird –Outdoor life