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Tony Porter's: A Call to Men

Within this TED talk, Tony Porter focuses on a construct he calls the “Man Box”. Within this Man Box he describes the American social construct of masculinity. 352 more words

Hardest Thing To Forgive Myself For

written by: John Glass

I have found that the hardest thing to forgive myself for is being a man in today’s society. Let me tell you why. 765 more words


Don't "act like a man".

In our society many boys grow up with false beliefs what it means to be a man. They are told that men are supposed to be strong and superior, which leaves women as weak and inferior. 239 more words


Thinking on Fantasy: The 'exception of anger'

Sorry this is a day late. But anyway, this article’s going to be a bit broader than usual and less focused on fantasy and more on literature as a whole. 206 more words


To Boldly Tweet

I didn’t give details because I’m not ready to and because others can possibly relate to something NOT so specific?

I am a man, a husband and father. 109 more words

Family Found

I love to see my boy smile and for the last couple of months, it’s never stretched wider. You see, he’s a lot like me. He doesn’t fit into the stereotypical, insensitive, athletic macho man box. 301 more words

BirchBox Man September 2015 Review Peak Performance                 

So I’m sitting at acupuncture waiting for them to come stick a bunch of needles in the dog. I have a little time, so. Blog post! 609 more words

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