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Shop Ship To Shore Monthly Grooming & Beard Subscription Box Review

I was looking for a beard box for my husband that had beard products that were natural and/or organic. Beard oil and beard wash can get pretty expensive and i was hoping there would be a box out there that was around $20, which was what we were paying for his beard oil already. 593 more words

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A Conscious Choice

I wanted to share an exchange I had on a racial dialog group I am active in. I referred to the societal programming of white people to believe they’re white and that it makes them better than others. 353 more words


Tactical Gear - 3 Critical Issues To think about Prior to Shopping for Any

Although the net has revolutionized the way we reside producing it less difficult and faster for us to purchase practically whatever we like on the internet, you’ll find nonetheless goods or services which require purchasers to become additional careful just before purchasing any. 481 more words

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Dayveon is included in "all of us"

In his 2010 TED talk, “A Call to Men” (also the name of the organization of which he is co-founder, A Call To Men), Tony Porter speaks about the dangerous “man box” that restricts boys and men from being fully human: 820 more words


Boys will be boys...

The phrase “boys will be boys” begins to develop in the mind of young children in elementary school when girls and boys begin to interact and play with each other. 376 more words

Breaking Boundaries

This video shows a man singing about how showing emotion is acceptable by men and woman which is breaking the boundaries of the “Man Box”.

Its alright to cry

The Man Box And Its Affects On The Boys Of Our Generation

The “man box” referenced by Tony Porter is a list of ¬†certain characteristics by which society defines¬†a man. The picture above shows a general list of features a man should represent and personify as decided by society today. 259 more words