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Why Traditional Manhood Is Killing Us - Article from The Huffington Post

by Mark Greene, blogger at The Good Men Project

Enforcing traditional manhood as the only acceptable path for men is called living in the Man Box. 106 more words

Man Of Faith

Man Box

Next in the Man Box series is this one, that comes with or without a drawer. Available in 12 colors and either brass or silver for the door. 82 more words


Man Cube

The Man Cube is the next offering in the mens line for a place for him to put his everyday carry items when he unloads his pockets when he gets home. 56 more words


Tony Porter's: A Call to Men

Within this TED talk, Tony Porter focuses on a construct he calls the “Man Box”. Within this Man Box he describes the American social construct of masculinity. 352 more words

Hardest Thing To Forgive Myself For

written by: John Glass

I have found that the hardest thing to forgive myself for is being a man in today’s society. Let me tell you why. 765 more words


Don't "act like a man".

In our society many boys grow up with false beliefs what it means to be a man. They are told that men are supposed to be strong and superior, which leaves women as weak and inferior. 239 more words


Thinking on Fantasy: The 'exception of anger'

Sorry this is a day late. But anyway, this article’s going to be a bit broader than usual and less focused on fantasy and more on literature as a whole. 206 more words