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This Is Francis.

This is Francis. Francis is my favourite photographer. I call him Fran Fran sometimes. Francis has a way of capturing my thoughts and emotions in .jpeg. 140 more words


Man Crush Monday

Takumi Usui – The amazingly talented male protagonist from the Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama series, and the love interest of Misaki Ayuzawa. Born into a life of prestige but rejection as the illegitimate child of a married, wealthy English-Japanese woman who fell in love with her butler, Takumi’s father. 337 more words



I found a curiosity
Shaped like a “he”
And it thinks like me

It is still an unseen
It first came in a dream
Then on my computer screen… 137 more words


Who's Loving You

All I can do
Is stand here
All day long
With my head
In the sun
And I wonder
Who’s loving you

Life without love… 34 more words


To Tumble

I should post something today

– Why?

To keep my mind from…

– From what?

To keep my mind from tumbling

– Tumbling?

Yeah, tumbling… 28 more words


Man Crush

This morning I had a strange dream.

I was walking alone in the desert, thinking about my girlfriend, the problems we have and how to solve them. 234 more words


My Childhood Man Crush

So fair warning this post has no research behind it, this is just my moment to fan-girl over the movie Young Guns.  Having been born and raised a Texan means a lot of things, many of which I have discussed or will be discussing in future post, but one of the Texas beloved images is that of the ‘wild wild west.’ Now we can go round and round on what is wrong with that, but that’s not what I am here for today. 541 more words