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A Little Crush

Here’s a confession: I have a crush. On this guy. His name, I won’t tell you because that will be too easy. But I will let you know that he’s a poet. 613 more words


The Man-Crush Hall of Fame/ The work of a man

“Emma Stone is bae” is how Buzzfeed would describe my first feelings for the flame haired, Disney-eyed actress of such films as Superbad, The Help, and The Erotic Adventures of Hercules. 1,003 more words

photography - headshots in laguna

While I’m in Utah most of the time, my incredibly handsome little brother Luc is in LA breaking hearts and filming commercials. (Just kidding on the breaking hearts. 136 more words

Gabriella Santos Photography

Five Simple Rules for Weightloss

Let’s be honest with each other here… five years ago I was 250 pounds and had no idea how where I had gone wrong.  I’m sure that’s not a unique feeling. 799 more words


How to Talk to Your Crush

(DISCLAIMER: I have no actual experience with this, but the below is my actual thought process when it happens)

In the past I’ve had many crushes and sometimes at the same time. 200 more words


Can we just...

Édgar RamÍrez, thank you for existing.