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Total War

We’ve taken a little break for the holidays, but now we’re back and our first treat for you is a look at the total war games. 1,270 more words

Humble Bundle

Introduction to Naughty Ninjas: Man flesh, a descriptive playground.

I was introduced to “Naught Ninjas” by my dear author friend Lily Malone, who is one sixth of the Naught Ninja collaboration. You are probably wondering what this all is, just like I was.  303 more words


Male Watchers Day

You know the sterotype, the guy who whistles after the girl and hoots and howls, and rudely stare at the ladyparts? This is the stereotype you are to emulate today if your a woman. 592 more words

Good Nature Vs Bad Nature

Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 22: Daniel Conn

Yeah yeah, so I might be a little stuck on Australian rugby players. But can you blame me? After being introduced to Kayne Lawton, I ended up on a two hour long tangent that led me to several other um, delightful looking young fellows, and given that it’s almost Christmas, I can’t not share this. 76 more words

Hanukkah Hunks Night 4: David Beckham

Ok, ok – I know the Ladies… have already featured Becks as an Advent Calendar hottie back in 2009. But ever since my conversion and renewed interest in finding hot athletes that light the menorah with me, I was delighted to discover that Mr. 133 more words


Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 7: Kayne Lawton

Leave it to me to disappear for a while again, only to resurface when it’s time to dedicate the entire holiday season to ogling men. For today’s delicious treat, a BIG thank you to CuteSports for bringing this one to my attention this summer. 183 more words


Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 1

I’m starting us off on a bad foot by starting a day late, but hopefully the first two hotties are so hot that you’ll forgive me. 201 more words