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Man in Motion

I am a man in motion. Many years ago I took part in a rite that consisted of fasting in nature over the course of four days. 892 more words


Wheelchair Yaatra - exciting news!

Thanks to Bev Lindsey on Bowen Island, the Rick Hansen Foundation will be promoting Ram’s Wheelchair Yaatra on their social media platform.  This is a MAJOR deal for SIRC and for the Wheelchair Yaatra as it gives us not only credibility but also global exposure.   37 more words


Song of the day: John Parr- St. Elmo's Fire

To be fair with you: I had to look the song up, because I had some idea I knew the song, but I really couldn’t think of any melody or text which belonged to this hit from 1985. 33 more words


La #GiraERR_2013 En Bar Zero 23/11/13

En Expansión Radial continuamos abriendo espacios para las nuevas propuestas, no solo en nuestras transmisiones, también buscamos a través de los foros que nos reciben para continuar esta… 302 more words


John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)

First Hit #1: September 7, 1985

St. Elmo’s Fire is a strange song, not because of anything that is actually in the song – it’s really not too far off from yesterday’s Power of Love – but because of the dual life the song took on. 251 more words


you can always count on your friends. don't ever let the fire go out.

Let’s face it. The eighties were an awesome time. Older generations look back on it and comment on how awesome everything was, and younger generations wished they could have lived it. 275 more words