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RML SpaceLab New Website

RML SpaceLab has a newly updated website with all the groups past and present projects. Still a work in progress with information, the groups goal is to put a man in space on a suborbital rocket trajectory with a rocket fueled by Galcit.


Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was the pilot of Vostok 1 and the first man in space to orbit the earth. He was born near Moscow on 9th March 1934 in the former Soviet Union. 180 more words


Scott Kelly and The Resonance Project Foundation - 2015: "My View of Someone Orbiting in Space"

“You always return from a journey as a different man to the one who set off.”

Graham Greene

In March of 2015, NASA sent an American into space. 549 more words

Yuri’s night: Our Independence Day

In my desperation to provide 12th April an anchor in Indian brains; I looked everywhere, from movie stars to cricketers (that, by the way, amounts to “everywhere”), but none obliged. 650 more words

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