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Illusion of Separateness

There are some humans that want to keep other humans in the darkness, cutting us off from the awareness of our full potential, cutting us off from true connection with our creator. 158 more words


How to Start a Religion

If you were getting ready to preach a sermon that would launch a religion, what would you say? Well, to begin with, I think wisdom would dictate including some practical and helpful teachings that everyone could apply to their lives – Oprah-like helpful would be the target. 378 more words

Simply Believe

I listened to the sermon this morning of this new-found preacher of grace.  At the end I sat stunned like a deer in the headlights.   Years of words were preached to correct and direct my spiritual behavior.   783 more words

For all but the Christian, Their Savior is in the Mirror

Man-made religion in its various forms seeks to have human works entirely or at least partially involved in salvation.  In Buddhism, ceasing desire saves you.  In Confucianism, education, self-reflection, self-cultivation, and living a moral life saves you.   131 more words

Driscoll, Mark

The Gospel According to Adam

Yes, Adam has a gospel. It has been a gospel long been practiced my many Adamites. Who are the Adamites? Well, all humans are Adamites. The name Adam means humans. 1,340 more words

Atheism: It’s not so Scary

If God is dead, then all is permissible.

Atheism has no doctrine or dogmas. There’s no set way to live; there are no laws to abide by, no commandments to tend to, no sins to avoid, no prayer time, no official place of meeting, no higher power to worship or to pledge an allegiance to. 832 more words