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Houses of Palyma - Russia

Many of these houses are sinking into the tundra because no one lives and looks after them anymore. Peter is trying to save some but it’s an unending task with no support from the State. 39 more words


Houses From The Train

We travelled past a few villages and some isolated houses while on the train travelling to our next place. These are some of the buildings we past.


What is particularly concerning about this event is that it is unlike the past five extinction waves which were caused by natural phenomena like asteroid impacts and volcanic eruptions.

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Planet Earth

Enjoying Color in Siouxland, Vermillion, SD

Sometimes I feel a little stymied while out looking for images in Siouxland. I don’t always go looking with something definitive in mind, but as I walk about I come across subjects that sometimes  strike me (not physically) visually and later a clearer objective comes to mind. 155 more words

Life In Siouxland

Nature and Man in Siouxland, Vermillion, SD

As I get about I am continually fascinated with man’s attempt to include nature into his world, even though we as a race have spent a great deal of time excluding it as well. 130 more words

Life In Siouxland