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You Have a Nice Cock 

This is a fictional story based on an experience a friend shared with me recently

“You have a great cock, I would love to suck it,” … 1,387 more words

Erotic Writing

Announcement - New Book Soon to be Released

My latest book explores the relationships a gay man has — one Mateo Velasquez, working as a massage therapist (not a euphemism for “sex worker”) at a gay resort in Arizona: a friendship that’s closer than close with Edie Newsome, the transgender receptionist in the spa area of the resort; the bond with his companion, Raveneye, in walking the peyote road, though since Raveneye is an actual raven with whom Teo unites his spirit, “flying” the peyote road would be more accurate; and Dusan Sokolov, a straight client who’s Bulgarian, and unbeknownst to Teo, an assassin. 249 more words


The Spiral Down

The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

5 stars! 
“I was so high on this man I wasn’t sure I’d ever come back down.”

Okay Aly Martinez fans… I get it now. 325 more words


Streetball Defense: The Subtle Art of Hand Checking

Those who have heard several “Old School NBA Defense vs New School NBA Defense” debates, the word “hand checking” would not be foreign to most of you. 622 more words


Streetball Defense: On-Ball Defense For Beginners

Maybe you’re new to the game, and you’ve gotten beat constantly. Maybe you’re sick of looking like a fool one-too-many-times. Or maybe, you just want to start locking down other people, shut their mouths up when they start missing their shots… 978 more words


Fated: Blood and Redemption By bey Deckard

This novel had a few surprise twists in it that I wasn’t quite sure how to make of it. They weren’t bad per se, but it left the novel hanging in a way that I didn’t really enjoy. 560 more words

Adult Romance

Streetball Defense: Understanding Your Man

Streetball is a fairly short game, when you compare it to organized basketball. 3-on-3 usually ranges from 7 to 11 balls, 5-on-5 last till 21. Unlike organized basketball, where there is a defensive system or philosophy in placed, your new found teammates won’t necessarily have the same defensive ideologies as you. 533 more words