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man page of the week : mincore

There’s always some nifty command you can find lurking in the linux manpages. This then helps you instantly and magically do whatever you were trying to do. 128 more words

Linux Tools

Those three commands will help you to find or locate which script or program do what and where it is.


  • find – search for files in a directory hierarchy.
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TJ part 2, disposing of the evidence via the Linux Command Line

Welcome to the second installment of Terminal Journal. Letting you learn the command line with practice, not exercises. Here we’re going to go over a few commands, along with options and wildcards. 678 more words

*nix Command Line

How to list all man pages

To list all man pages on your Linux system:

$ apropos .

When you vaguely remember the name of a man page, grep the results of the above command to find out what you need. 6 more words

Error Catching!

Some time ago, I made an blog entry for automatically displaying man pages in Konqueror, but it seems that I forgot one of the most elementary — if not the most elementary — rudiments of programming: error trapping. 167 more words


3 Easy Tricks for Beginners to Learn Linux Commands

If you are a Beginner in Linux, this post will help you to learn Linux commands in just 3 simple steps.

Nowadays most of the Linux flavored desktop like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Suse etc. 485 more words

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