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NYC: The places you go and the people you meet

I recently read an article on Man Repeller, where these women, who had moved to New York from London, were discussing their experiences living there, and the differences and similarities between the two cities. 419 more words


A Letter to the Woman Who Taught Me to Keep Writing

I love Man Repeller‘s monthly Writers Club prompts — they’re a good exercise even when I don’t come up with anything worth sending in. Last month’s was a fan letter; I addressed… 164 more words

Book Talk

"Existentialism 101". Why Fashion, why?

Recently, I read an article on Man Repeller by Amelia Diamond, which attracted me by its title On Thom Browne and Fashion’s Pursuit of Immortality, … 525 more words



I submitted the following to the Man Repeller Writer’s Club for January 2018. The prompt was to write about one or all of the following in 500 words or fewer: 509 more words


The Podcasts I Listen to are Not a Reflection of Me (or are they?)

What is up Nutmegers? 

That was terrible, and I sincerely apologize. Let’s start over.

Hey there!

I am embarrassed to admit this, but I slept on podcasts for a loooong time. 671 more words


And Now, I Finally Publicly Admit That My Nose Was Too Big For My Face in 2010

As me and all my friends edge closer to 20, I want to properly mourn the last decade of our lives.

I remember turning 10. It was the end of fourth grade, and our class pet, a hermit crab, had died overnight. 878 more words