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The Man Hypothesis

Swell, how we make it work, the sacrifices and pleas.
We are like a compartmentalized train,
The engine making us travel through
The scenery and the tunnels, 147 more words


How Important are Sport Briefs for Men?

There has been lots of changes completed the design of mens underwear. Once after a time, there was only a single traditional type of underwear for men. 364 more words

Houyhnhnms | Grandville

The land of the Houyhnhnms from  Gulliver’s Travels of Jonathan Swift, illustrated by Grandville

Jonathan SWIFT, Voyages de Gulliver dans les contrées lointaines [Gulliver’s Travels… 59 more words



Helpless as a baby,

silent like her fate,

she lied in the dark corner,

not darker than her state.

Enduring as she was,

had nothing to complain, 113 more words


Manicured nails and A pony!
Wanting to be home!
Scared of monsters!
Dropping tears won’t stop!
Every way running is needed!
To protect the sexuality!! 77 more words


Humming pt. 47: Hitting The Road

a cup of coffee with milk, a self help book, a music to move, a runny nose, and lots of tissues.