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Heaven's EmbraceĀ 

The soft Himalayan oaks stand in remembrance of the steaming summer sun

in the chill of winter’s first frost

Just as he stands, bathing in a single ray of light, 299 more words


857 Control the waste

Waste of any thing

is loss & useless.

Try to control waste

in every field of life.

Waste of the time

is greatest waste.

Minimize the waste… 139 more words


Never Did

Its treasures lie in plain sight and

The knowing is revealed but the truth of it all remains hidden – by choice, but not mine. 104 more words


Battlegrounds Player Weed_Man Dies The Sickest Death

(Source: kotaku.com)


Today on Highlight Reel we have sick deaths, sweet jumps, accurate simulations, and much more!

Watch the video then talk about your favorite highlight in the comments below. 100 more words


It's a bad run, get over it.

This is phrase which I have said to myself quite a few times over the past week or two of running. We all have bad runs, but how should we ‘get over it’. 153 more words