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My Inspiration


Full that missing part,

In my heart,

A piece isn’t full,

Empty in my heart,

Nothing can’t full it,

I love, gain and lost, 57 more words


Since I came here in Paris until now before I left earlier today, this man has been thoughtful sending me bouquet of flowers to the point that my home could be a flower shop already, but I politely told him that even if I’m single, I am not interested and he should please stop sending me flowers. 164 more words


Vain Help

His Word is ever True

so True was my devotional Word this morning

Psalms 60:11 -12 . Vain is the help of man. With God I will do Valiantly. 26 more words


Width, Length, Height and Humanity - Simpleton

The story so far: I got myself caught in the middle of a singular dimensions astronomically-expansive clusterfuck, which the cause I am still piecing together. 258 more words


In my dreams

In my dreams, I see a big black hole but this time it looks different

It still consumes me

but with a different kind of fire… 105 more words


Adrenaline Rush 

Now he lies at home,

A peaceful house, a peaceful mind

His world is calm and quiet

The murmur of the tv in the background… 73 more words