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The Right and Wrong of Secret of Mana

I am going to go ahead and get this out of the way now, so you’re not invested in the article.

13 year old Joshua would have loved this game.  2,605 more words

Video Game Review


As a rule of thumb, when someone wants to attend brunch for the first time I let the pick the place. So when my friend/colleague/verbal sparing partner Billo wanted to join, I let him pick the place. 483 more words


Soldiers Of Mana-Chapter-5-Training Day Pt2

Heya, everyone! Bringing this chapter a bit early this week because I’m gonna be gone camping for the next few days. I planned on bringing two chapters this week but did not have enough time so I will be posting 3 chapters next week. 1,579 more words

Soldiers Of Mana

Soldiers of Mana-Chapter-4-Training Day

Chapter 4

Training Day

The experience from the forest came flooding back into my mind fresh as if it just happened. Fear, anxiety, and pain began to overtake me, when suddenly “Tap..Tap” the sound of footsteps came near. 1,835 more words

Soldiers Of Mana

Soldiers of Mana-Chapter-3-Survival of the Fittest

Hello everyone! Bringing you two chapters this week. I hope you enjoy them, I welcome feedback so feel free to leave a comment you can even ask questions and I’ll answer back :) 2,267 more words

Soldiers Of Mana

Soldiers of Mana chapter-2-A new life

Chapter 2

A new life

The boy curled into a ball, clutching his chest as a burning ripping sensation spread across his stomach, “what is this pain…what did they do to me?” thought the young boy as tears, dripped down his cheeks. 1,522 more words

Soldiers Of Mana