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Developer Moishe Mana pays $24.5 million for Biscayne Building

Developer Moishe Mana bought the Biscayne Building office tower in downtown Miami for $24.5 million Friday, the latest in a string of deals in the area by the moving-company and Click to Continue

the food of the future, or why i drink mana

If you know me in RL you know I’ve not exactly lived by a healthy diet – I’m on the heavy side of weight, and one of my favorite pastimes is doing BBQ’s. 944 more words


Stiles' Series Synopsis: Secret of Evermore

Well, dog, it looks like we aren’t in the World of Mana any more… though things are still oddly familiar. 3,394 more words


Stiles' Series Synopsis: Heroes of Mana

Heroes of Mana will stretch your patience to its breaking point. I know it did with me. 3,134 more words


Stiles' Series Synopsis: Dawn of Mana

Dawn of Mana: It’s just like Kingdom Hearts, only worse in every conceivable way! 4,100 more words


Legend of Mana; Still One of The Best JRPGs I've Ever Played

When somebody mentions the Mana series (Which is pretty rare in itself), it’s often about Secret of Mana or the original Final Fantasy Adventure, which are both fantastic games, but there’s still the black sheep in the series. 621 more words

Final Fantasy

Stiles' Series Synopsis: Children of Mana

Children of Mana is a game that exists. It is for the Nintendo DS. It has gameplay and graphics. Can I be done now? 2,941 more words