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Video: Maná ‘La Prisión’

Filmado por Pablo Croce, un frecuente colaborador de Maná, el nuevo video para la canción “La Prisión” explora la relación toxica de una pareja.

Entre escenas de la pareja peleando, gritando, y llorando puedes ver tomas de los miembros de Maná en el desierto de Mojave. 77 more words


Ran Ranita Ran

İnsanın hayatında tarif edemediği dönemler olur.

Kurbağa olduğunu kabul edemez. Vicdanının sesini duymak istemez. Kendinden kaçar. Gerçeklerle yüzleşmek istemez.

Böyle dönemlerde, insanın hayatında bir kurbağa varsa, ve o kurbağanın adı Rana ise, insanın sırtı yere gelmez. 274 more words


Dota 2 Advanced: Mana

Proceed to read my other Dota 2 guides on mana over here and here if you missed out on those. For this advanced guide, I will be talking about mana management in a team which can get very complicated. 1,051 more words

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Dota 2 Intermediate: Mana

So you think you’re now smarter than the average ogre eh?
Then it’s pop quiz time!
At what INT value does Sobi mask give more mana regeneration than a Ring of Basilius? 768 more words

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Dota 2 Basics: Mana

Since antiquity, mana has been a mysterious force in Dota. Where it comes from no one knows, and why it continues to flow in heroes remains a big question to be solved. 410 more words

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Three Souls Alignment

Engage with Fetch first, the cauldron of Daring located in your pelvis, the base of your spine. Breathe slowly from your abdomen and contemplate Fetch; the domain of emotions, memories, senses. 187 more words


Making Kala

This cleansing water rite helps to keep your souls clean and clear. It transform negative energies and blockages and allows you to reclaim your power. 223 more words