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#TBT: Cindy Burbano Y Sus Canciones De Los 90's

Cindy Burbano de Mega En Tus Mañanas conquista a la ciudad de Houston todos los días con su hermosura y con su voz inigualable. Pero ahora, tendremos una idea de como conquistarla a ella y parece que esto es a través de la buena música y  de los recuerdos. 89 more words


It's All About The Manna

This morning I found myself in Joshua 13. The tribe of Levi received no physical inheritance of land. In years past when I would read this I would feel empathy for the Levites. 245 more words


Maná ft. Shakira at the Jukebox

“¿Cuál es la verdad?” Pilato le preguntó a Jesús. Yo olvido como Jesús respondió, pero Maná y Shakira dicen, “ eres mi verdad.” ¡Herejía! (Tú también eres otras cosas: su amór, su alegría, su sandwich, etc…) Al… 141 more words


Vushi and Dope smoothie at MANA! Raw

I am a big fan of MANA! for their flats and salads (not so much of the crazy queues — 30 minutes to get a box of salad?!) but they recently opened a new spot a few doors down Wellington Street that serves raw food, smoothies and juices. 146 more words


Chapter Two: Teaching

The morning after my illusory conversation with Michael; the cute little dark-dwarven girl, Ailyn, came to the palace.  She didn’t have any particularly unique physical features: white hair, large eyes, with bright grey irises, and she seemed to be a lot more muscular than most; but that was probably because she was a blacksmith. 7,439 more words


Chapter Seven: The Forest of Corruption

Some people spend their entire lives mastering a single weapon or magical element, which is fine, but the moment they have to face an enemy that their very narrow set of skills can’t deal with… it usually doesn’t turn out very well for them.   16,403 more words


Chapter Two: Unsealed

Nightmares are just dreams that you don’t understand.  Bad memories of things that happened to you, at a point in some lifetime you probably can’t remember. 8,987 more words