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In twos

Everything is VALUABLE only at two times:
1. Before getting it, and
2. After losing it!

Two things bring HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in life:
1. The way you MANAGE when you have nothing, and… 42 more words

Borrowed Ideas

How To Effectively Manage Your Reputation!

Tweet Reputation Management Tips Reputation is important in many fields, including business and personal relationships. Your reputation is defined by others and is part of your identity. 98 more words

How to manage work stress

Good stress management in the workplace is critical to your overall health.

Life coach Suzy Greaves says one of the key skills to managing workplace stress is knowing how to say no. 102 more words


My Kids Say I Freak Out

I am passionate. Energetic. Outgoing.

Those are all nice words for the phrase, “I am emotional.” Or “I am emphatic .” Or even “I am a control freak.” 346 more words


Be present. Be available. Be consistent.

Those personally tailored meetings take up a lot of time. But if you cut them, your work life will likely get more chaotic. http://www.fastcompany.com/3043453/work-smart/why-you-should-never-cancel-your-one-on-one-meetings