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Hands at Ten and Two

When learning to drive a car, one of the most fundamental lessons you are taught is to view the steering wheel as if it were a clock, and place your hands at ten and two. 253 more words


Student Engagement: A Review of Resources

Engagement – often defined as “the extent to which students actively engage by thinking, talking, and interacting with the content of a course, the other students in the course, and the instructor” (Dixson, 2015) – is a critical factor influencing student retention and persistence not only in online learning environments but also face-to-face courses. 583 more words

Teaching Strategies

‘Black Friday’ in 2015- hunting for mistakes in your Health and Safety Policy

The ‘shop-ocalypse’ of 21st century

We have all seen the shopping spree apocalypse on the newspaper and evening news headlines that is somehow expected to be constrained only by a few security guys trying to becalm the wild crowd. 1,017 more words

Health And Safety

Control Your Cash

To be a Truly Rich Club member is such a privilege to have some of the most select, inspiring and motivational talks of Bro Bo Sanchez. 1,819 more words

Bo Sanchez

Sunday Drive

We get a lot of advice from others around us. Family members may tell us what they think we should be doing, bosses may tell us how they want us to go forward, friends may tell us what we should change, and it seems everyone in our circle has an opinion about how we’re living our lives. 483 more words